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To learn more about Writing Out Child Abuse and how you can help, please click the image.

Today was to be the first of several features for titles benefiting charity through J.S. Wayne’s nonprofit organization, Writing Out Child Abuse (WOCA), but the production schedule was pushed back just a bit so the feature dates followed suit. But never fear … WOCA is still here! (Okay, even *I* am gagging that I wrote that, lol.) After I tell you a bit about the beautiful, admirable cause J.S. is working for, I’d like to introduce you to some of his work.

Writing Out Child Abuse (WOCA)

I hope you’ll hop over to read J.S. Wayne’s WOCA statement of origin because there’s no way I can summarize his passion for this cause. But because I know not everyone will have the chance, I did lift the following passage from his letter to readers.

We’re also going to do what we do best. We’re going to write. We’re going to craft quality stories in our chosen genres, publish them, and donate the proceeds from our stories, novels, and novellas dedicated to this cause to charities whose only goal is to help children touched by these horrors. And, God willing, give these children hope. –J.S. Wayne, WOCA statement of origin

I’d also like to beg (yes, BEG) you all to read I WANT TO, BUT …, a moving essay by Gillian Colbert about taking that first step to make a difference. The title pretty much says it all, but there’s just so much more you all need to see in her words. Please take a moment to read it here.

Authors, if you’d like to donate your time and your talents, please go here to find out how you can get involved. Readers, I’d like to invite you to follow the WOCA blog for news, updates, and new releases. And, of course, stay tuned because I’m so excited to welcome J.S. and the gang for a week of WOCA awareness coming this summer.

J.S. WAYNE | Recent Book Releases

I’d like to make clear these are NOT titles benefiting WOCA, but that said, I’d love for you to get to know J.S. Wayne’s talent through some of his recent releases. I’ve personally read J.S. and I have to say not only is he a man with a big heart, but he’s one of phenomenal talent as well.


Louise is having a bad day: studying for exams, play rehearsals under a director she can’t stand, and ill-fitting shoes. Surely, there’s a limit to what a girl has to put up with!

But her day improves when she meets the pretty, new stagehand, Angie. An instant attraction leads to a sexy sojourn in Louise’s dressing room. The rest of her day seems almost tolerable, until the director barges in on their interlude and collapses—before reviving to attack Louise. Angie fights him off, and the girls flee to the safety of the quad. Soon they learn their fallen assailant is only the first wave of a terrifying outbreak.

Their best hope to stay alive is to stay together. As they explore each other’s bodies and learn the deepest secrets of their hearts, Louise and Angie discover that each has found something in the other’s arms they never knew they wanted.

But they have to survive first.

There oughta be a law: dead means dead . . . .

“…this is another fast-paced story, with Louise and Angie a team with great chemistry together. There is some cracking dialogue with morbid humour, and Wayne doesn’t skimp on the violence and gore.” – Anything Horror (read full review)



In the aftermath of a raid on a band of child slavers, Russell and Ion of the Chosen of Fenrir find themselves baring their hearts and souls—and their bodies—to one another. In doing so, they violate one of their clan’s most sacred laws: Look not to your own kind for love.

Now, one will lay his life on the line on the Path of the Flame Dance, where the Earth Mother will judge whether the love they have is worthy—or a betrayal of their own blood. The other must watch as his lover walks the fire, or perishes in the attempt.

Stand or fall, the two warriors will never be the same . . . .


“[J.S. Wayne’s] writing breathes life into the massive, wolf shifters, showing them to be men of integrity, strength and compassion. The hesitant discovery of their attraction and the way J.S. Wayne crafted the spellbinding outcome of their love brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.” – H.C. Brown (see full review)

“This story gives a new twist to J.S. Wayne’s imaginative writing. I hope there’s another in this series.” – Dragonslayer (see full review)


For a complete listing of J.S. Wayne’s published books, including his wildly popular ANGELS series, please click here.