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Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Rebel Ink Press. This behind-the-scenes look is brought to you by their staff, so I hope you’ll sit back and enjoy the Q&A. ;c)

Welcome, and thanks for joining us today! Can you tell our readers a bit about Rebel Ink Press?  What prompted the creation of the house, and when was it founded?

Rebel Ink will be two this August.  We’re the child of five very stubborn and determined people who wanted to make a difference for emerging authors.  We wanted to treat new writers with dignity and foster relationships over contracts and numbers.  We’re proud to say we think we’ve been able to do just that.

It sounds like you’ve done a fantastic job with your goals, especially considering the roster of authors and catalog of releases already made available to readers. What types of books will they find there? Is there a certain genre or theme you consider to be Rebel Ink’s niche?

Readers will find all genre’s of romance at Rebel.  While I think our writers represent the field well, readers can expect stories with happy for now and happily ever after type endings.  We don’t leave too many loose ends.

That should keep your readers happy! LOL. What sets Rebel Ink Press apart from its competitors?

Well, let me say we don’t consider any other publisher to be a competitor.  Rebel is proud to be in the company of many fine small presses and we value our writer’s choice to decide the best fit for their stories.

Awesome answer! Are there any special programs, promotions, or incentives for readers?

We hold various contests and promotions throughout the year.  This fall, we’ll be celebrating our second anniversary with kindle give-aways and discount promotions.

Hear that, readers? Mark your calendars! *grin* How often does Rebel Ink release new books?  Which formats can readers find at Rebel Ink Press?

We release new stories on the 3rd and 17th of every month and offer epub, html, mobi and pdf file formats for readers.

Fantastic. Any releases (or upcoming releases) you’d like to highlight?

Every Rebel story deserves it’s minute in the spotlight!

Fair enough. ;c) Readers, check here for upcoming releases, but don’t go yet! What’s next for Rebel Ink Press?

Rebel Ink does have a big announcement coming soon but I can’t spoil it here–sorry!

ARGH. What a tease, LOL! If an author is interested in learning more about submitting to Rebel Ink Press, what does he or she need to know?

I would recommend interested authors visit our face book page and website and familiarize themselves with our submission guidelines and policies.

Always good advice. How can readers or authors who have questions or want to learn more about Rebel Ink Press contact you?

Visit us at http://www.rebelinkpress.com to find out about our submission guidelines, titles coming soon, current releases, links to our authors and special events and happenings.

It’s a date! Thank you so much for stopping by to talk about Rebel Ink Press. Readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit with RIP (<cool, huh?). Have a *fantastic* weekend, everyone!