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You really, really, really don't want to miss this book. Click image ... or else. Also available by phone at 1-888-795-4274 ext. 7879.

I’m not normally at a loss as to how to introduce an author (or an author and his assistants, in this case) so let me just say you guys are going to have to keep a grip on your drinks because this is one pretty wild ride. (Think “The Wonder Years” meets “American Pie,” only totally original, LOL!) In the process of researching this interview, I caught an excerpt of TOMATOES IN JULY on Google so I am confident in assuring you really, really need to stay right there and check this out. This book will leave you endlessly entertained and perhaps a tad nostalgic (even if this isn’t a window into your own life, surely you’ll recognize these characters, lol). So please, join us (far, far) off the beaten path as we get to know the story behind the unforgettable, incomparable TOMATOES IN JULY.

Welcome, Benjamin, Chriss-A, and Am! I’ve got to say; a person can’t read the blurb of TOMATOES IN JULY without getting a scant bit breathless. Can you introduce our readers to the book? (And perhaps bottle some of your incredible energy to sell?) 

First, Thank you so much for this great opportunity!  TiJ is the Best Light read of the Year.  It’s a 2-Arm-Fist-Pump plus, a lot of Sex!  It’s got heart, soul, and lots of laughs!  It’s not a 500 pg novella.  It’s actually very ADD friendly! No Adderall is necessary!

See, I’m pumped already! Clearly, your writing style is unique—I love it! But it’s also a slant from traditional. Who would you say your primary audience is? 

O, it ranges from 16-86!  Thanks to facebook and other sites with stats thou the biggest age group of fans ranges from 18-24.  But, those 16 yr olds are catching up and most of the 86 yr olds are dying.

LMAO! I think I’m afraid to ask, but I’m going to go for it anyway. *grin* What inspired you to write TOMATOES IN JULY? From where did you get your ideas? 

It was something that I just stumbled into.  I really never planned on writing this book.  Ideas generally came from texts I would send my assistants and often chapters grew from there.  Ideas usually come from many different avenues in life.  Seeing several different relationships start and end either thru my eyes or through friends stories basically was what gave me the idea.  It’s endless really.  More importantly, everyone has different problems or issues in life that they need to overcome.  It’s important to not take life so seriously that it ruins the person you want to be and at the same time those very same issues will mold you into the person you become.  So it’s important that no matter how crazy or terrible or great things become you should try to always keep a level head. Never let the lows take you too low and never let the highs take you too high.  You have to roll with things and brush the dirt off your shoulder.  Jay-Z will tell you.  However, I know my opinion is just that and It is easy to think you’re always right so instead of just trusting just my instincts I like to try to involve my “assistants” in the book to get a few different female points across as well.  My immensely helpful assistants also helped me with editing and injecting their thoughts throughout the story.

All jokes aside, those are some very wise words about the ups and downs shaping us. Now that you’ve gotten all philosophical on us, lol, how about scooping us on the story. What might readers be surprised to learn about the plot or characters of TOMATOES IN JULY?  

The ladies of TOMATOES IN JULY

That it’s just part 1!  There’s plenty more coming.  Tomatoes in July is about Sex, Drugs, Partying and Relationships…  It’s just one crazy surprise after another.  Benjamin uses his “assistants” and text messages as a vehicle to drive the story.  The character development in Part 2 is much more in depth.  It’s very exciting and we can’t wait to start the publishing process again.  Narrowing the publishing companies down is something that we never anticipated and can’t wait to decide on a Publisher that sees and believes in this series as much as we do.

Gotta say, narrowing down to one publisher is one *heck* of a great problem to have, LOL! Let’s have some fun with TOMATOES IN JULY. What’s the first sentence? 

Ok!  Chapter 1, Chronicle 1  During a rainy June and an even crappier July, the summer of 2009 was shaping up to be yet another shitter…    (in this font which gets a lot of compliments as well a fair amount of hate.)

Unfortunately my blog won’t show the font, but it’s “marker felt” and personally I think it fits the mood and the tone of the book *perfectly.* It’s practically another character! (No, really. Google it!) What’s your favorite line in the book?

“I Hit All Ribs!”  Is pretty much the best to me!  It’s hard to narrow it down but that’s definitely one of my favorites.  My assistants prefer “Irregardless, and there’s no such word”.  It’s used rather frequently.

I read that in the excerpt, and I will say the usage I saw was freaking awesome. How about an excerpt … three sentences long! Yep, that’s it. Three!  

How about 4! No?..

So Benjamin, being the boozed-up comedian he was, without even considering the consequences and basically assuming that everyone in America has two arms, asked the random girl he had just met, “What, do you only have one arm?!” He proceeded to actually hit her arm! The only problem here was that she really only had one arm!

I read that section, too. HILARIOUS! And I loved her response, too. *grin* Which scene of TOMATOES IN JULY was most difficult for you to write? Why?

The end was really hard because I didn’t want it to end but I was so excited to start Part 2 and get a whole new list of characters into the mix I couldn’t rewrite and revise anymore.  The character development in the 2nd book is way more stimulating.  I’m not gonna lie I really had no idea what I was doing at first but at the end of the day after so many revisions I realized you have to just say enough is enough and move on.  Cause you could revise forever.  Well I could.  Ps. The World is not ready for Escalade Washington.. (#2nd book deets)

LOL! I’ll consider myself warned. ;c) I think I’m actually afraid to ask this question, but I’m going to do it anyway. Which scene would you most like to experience for yourself? From whose POV? 

Benjamin and I have a lot in common but I’d have to say the part where he gets the bright idea to take mushrooms before going to the doctors office and walks around the city would be a Prett-Tee eye opening experience.

It would definitely be for me, as I’ve never been so naughty in my life! (No, really, I haven’t.) Okay, let’s close this with a bang. What are you currently working on? 

Part 2! Specifically, the chapter called “C ode”.  It’s so great to be wrapping up this 2nd book!  It’s been a lot of fun and will take the TiJ series to another Level.  It’s literally and figuratively changing the way people read books!  E-book readers will hopefully be able to listen to the music tracks Benjamin lists at the beginning of every chapter.  In theory it will help the reader get into the mood and there is also going to be an official Soundtrack released with the book as well.  It will be posted on facebook soon but people have been telling me to wait until I’m closer to the actual release date of the 2nd book.  Old fashion book readers will have to look the songs up but I feel that’s probably more their style anyway.

LMAO! (I’m suddenly feeling old, but that was still funny.) Okay, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for … a chance to see what the book is all about.


The setting is in New York City, New York’s SoHo neighborhood! It’s Hot! it’s July! This is the Tomatoes inc. first super mint novel. Tomatoes in July encapsulates the dangers single mid-twenty’s kids can have in a veryyy Drunk, (actually, there’s drunkenness everywhere), often drug infused state and yet all the while they are still somehow able to remain organized enuff…moreThe setting is in New York City, New York’s SoHo neighborhood! It’s Hot! It’s July! This is Tomatoes inc. first super mint novel. Tomatoes in July encapsulates the dangers single mid-twenty’s kids can have in a veryyy Drunk, (actually, there’s drunkenness everywhere), often drug infused state and yet all the while they are still somehow able to remain organized enufff to run a great fantasy football team! Ps. There’s more then enough vocab abbrevs, so try to keep up! This is summer! This is one boy’s wild July from three perspectives. (From time to time, Benjamin’s assistants interject to keep the story straight). It’s a two-arm fist pump, plus a lot of sex! For the latest on Benjamin Pheesh and the newest info on the 2nd book please find us on facebook @ Tomatoes in July.


TOMATOES | author bio & links

The author was born in the good ol U S and A and he currently resides in New York City. A young whippersnapper, he is a self-proclaimed RPS champion and he also massages the beat to his drums regularly when he is not busy using his girthy digits to type. Tomatoes Inc. is a creation of the author’s which combines his thoughts through a variety of narratives, mostly, his fantasy football team “Assistants”.  They do their best to help keep the authors story straight.  This is their first of an amazing three-part series.


Benjamin, Chriss-A, Am … you guys are a freaking blast. Thank you so much for joining me today. (Is it just me, or does it *really* feel like Friday?) Readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at TOMATOES IN JULY. I highly recommend you check out an excerpt – it’s addictively entertaining and well worth the peek. Thank you all, and have a great officially-declared long weekend. (It may not be Friday, but the mood is there, so “long weekend” it is, LOL!)