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Elaina Lee’s latest release is a fantastic romantic comedy packed with laugh-out-loud moments you’re gonna love! Want to know more? Here’s my full review:

A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR is a delicious romp through the blistering south, where everything that can go wrong does, and with delightful comical style! Elaina Lee’s tale of southern dignity gone awry is a laugh-out-loud encounter with some of the most endearing, amusing characters you’ll ever read.

Hollee Emmaleigh Rutherford has a problem. Kaiden Thorne is in town, and the last thing she wants to feel for him is a simmering attraction. It’s his job to secure a real estate deal, and as town-liaison-slash-bridal-consultant it’s hers to make sure Kaiden and his investment dollars meet a warm (not to mention profitable) welcome. To her dismay, most of the town thinks Kaiden is out to ruin everything, and until you’ve seen these folks up in arms, you’ve not seen anything. Disgruntled and threatened by the appearance of a bona fide yankee, the townsfolk of Belleville embark on a misguided hodgepodge of strategies resulting in one hilarious moment after another as they seek to oust Kaiden and his big city plans.

As for Kaiden, he doesn’t know what hits him. From his opening scene, where he’s hopelessly lost and inadvertently (one might assume) punked by a guy on a lawnmower, you’ve got to love the unenviable Mr. Thorne. His northern roots can’t seem to get a grip in the deep southern loam, and his bewilderment is so endearing you almost feel bad laughing … almost. Things, a’course, go careening downhill from the encounter with Lawnmower Man. Less than 24 hours after Kaiden’s arrival in Belleville, he is deviously displaced from his hotel and forced to spend his nights in Hollee’s large, empty home, which could not possibly be big enough for the two of them–not with the town at the ready for the next piece of gossip, and certainly, absolutely not with the secret Hollee keeps from Kaiden. The Belleville experience not-so-graciously provides Kaiden with any number of reasons his desire for Hollee has bad idea written all over it, but the truth–another hysterical tidbit from the comedic brilliance that is Elaina Lee–is not one he ever saw coming.

A charming tale of when north meets south, A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR will keep readers endlessly entertained while they fall hopelessly in love with rural Belleville and its cast of eccentric, loyal inhabitants. This marriage of southern charm and Elaina Lee’s flawless comedic timing will leave readers clutching their sides in laughter. It’s an AFFAIR you won’t soon forget, and that’s but one of many reasons this one belongs at the top of your list of guilty pleasures!


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