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Can’t wait for this one? Check out FAMILIAR LIGHT (on sale for $1.50!) to get the early scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the LIES! Last week, Holden discovered Julia’s secret. This six picks up after a rather heated discussion which ended with Holden walking out of the apartment, furious. Moments later, the door opens. Unable to look at who she assumes is Holden, Julia makes an offer (nothing sexual, LOL) in attempt to soothe things over. The response that follows is the last thing she expected.

(Note: Whitlow is Holden’s last name).

“Well, sweetheart, we’ve only just met. And if I’m not mistaken, you’re a little tied up with Whitlow, but if you insist I can meet you in the back bedroom. I’d prefer we get acquainted before I commit.”

At the first chords of the unfamiliar voice, Julia snapped her attention to the man in the doorway. Faint with panic, she took a step back, realizing then she wore nothing more than her panties and Holden’s shirt.

Ever so casually, like he hadn’t a care in the world—and it wasn’t scarcely past sunrise—the man helped himself to a beer from Holden’s fridge.

TIDE OF LIES – romantic suspense coming April 2, 2012 to Noble Romance

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