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Can’t wait for this one? Check out FAMILIAR LIGHT (on sale for $1.50!) to get the early scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the LIES! In this snippet, Holden has just woken to find himself tangled with Julia, and a glance at the clock tells him the party is over. ;c)

He should be up, grappling for distance and chastising himself for sleeping with his crime victim, but his days of trying to convince himself he could keep that distance were over. She changed his sense of being, her presence silencing a restless whisper he’d long carried—whether he’d put thought to it or not, he’d spent his entire adult life looking for the kind of connection he’d once shared with Jules. His first and only sexual bender, their relationship lacked easy comparison. But now he realized the sense of ease he felt with her was more than sex; it was the “click” from which clichés were made. And he was the schmuck with hearts circling his head . . . and a goading feeling she’d bolt. He just didn’t know when, or why it hadn’t happened yet.

TIDE OF LIES – romantic suspense coming April 2, 2012 to Noble Romance

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