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You guys may have noticed I’m all over the place with my news and events, so I’m kicking off this new monthly newsletter-style feature to bring forth the highlights. If you’re busy or, you know, can only stomach me in small quantities, then you’re in exactly the right place! In general, you can expect this type of post on the last Monday of each month and you can find it easily at any time by clicking “Monthly Highlights” in the category listing on the left hand side bar. Okay, the formalities are behind us. Let’s get moving!


In advance of the April 2 release of TIDE OF LIES, my novella FAMILIAR LIGHT is now available for just $1.50! This price is exclusive to Noble Romance, where you’ll find all the popular e-formats including PDF, EPUB, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Mobi4Kindle, and MobiPocket.

What the heck does FAMILIAR LIGHT have to do with TIDE OF LIES, you ask? While TIDE OF LIES is a standalone novel, the story actually begins in FAMILIAR LIGHT with a love rekindled and an obsession turned deadly. The twist at the end leads right into TIDE OF LIES, which picks up with Holden’s story as an old love and a long-buried secret devastate him . . . and that’s all before the final showdown!

Held CAPTIVE by a New Cover

I admit it. My muse checked out, so my eye wandered. I ended up at For the Muse Designs, where I fell in love with a cover I had no business looking at. (To read the whole sordid tale, click here.) Now I’m plotting a historical romance, and I totally blame Elaina Lee (the artist behind FTMD and a stellar writer). This historical romance and I are sizing up one another, more than a little wary, but we’ll get along just fine. Eventually. (Anyone know how to woo a historical romance? Ouch.)

By the way, to track my progress on CAPTIVE and my other works-in-progress, head over to my website. There, you can see word count meters and get the latest status on my up-and-coming stories. For my complete list of published books or to view a printable list of my work, click here.

This Just In: Book Reviews

02-26-2011 “Hawthorne was a stunning and exciting ghost story. It was very unexpected and riveting. I had a hard time putting it down. …wickedly entrancing and had me holding my breath in anticipation.” Bre on HAWTHORNE (read the full review @ Books-n-Kisses)

02.11.2012 “I’m one of those readers or viewers who can generally figure out the storyline fairly quickly, but this story just blew me away.” W. Lynn Chantale on HAWTHORNE (read the full review @ Decadent Decisions)

02.01.2012 “Ms. Ballance kept me guessing throughout the entire story. The killer was certainly the last person I expected. Well done, Ms. Ballance!”  Brea Essex on UNFORGIVEN (read the full review @ Clu’s Review)

02.04.2012 Ms. Ballance writing is very amazing and being so powerful it will move you to tears.” Arlena Dean on HAWTHORNE (read the full review @ Great Minds Think Aloud)

02.11.2012 “This is a must read that you don’t want to miss.” Kari Boardman on HAWTHORNE (read the full review @ From the TBR Pile)

To see a full listing of all of my reviews, check out the Reviews tab on my blog. With each book title, you’ll also find ratings (if left by the reviewer) and links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads reader reviews.


I signed with Sizzling PR as a full time client and have toured nonstop since January. (For the record, virtual book tours do not seem to burn calories like, say, a walking book tour might. Otherwise, they rock.) You can check out my upcoming dates and see direct links to blogs I’ve visited by clicking the Appearances tab at the top of my blog.

Giveaways and Winners

In February alone, I’ve given away **$50** worth of gift cards and a number of ebooks. How can you be the next to score? I’m glad you asked! The easiest way to win is to subscribe to my blog **by email** in the box at the top of the left hand side bar and you’ll be automatically entered in my weekly gift card giveaways. (For full details, click here.) I also participate in a number of blog hops, and when they’re open to entries you’ll find the graphics in the side bar. Be sure to check back often for a shot at the good stuff!

Coming Up Next

TIDE OF LIES is due to release from Noble Romance on April 2. For a sneak peek, check out the Six Sentence Sunday posts on my blog by clicking here.

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