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Can’t wait for this one? Check out FAMILIAR LIGHT (on sale for $1.50!) to get the early scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the LIES! Here’s today’s snippet between Holden and Julia. He’s just learned her secret, but it’s just a very small part of what she’s keeping from him. As for the rest . . . .

Choking back sobs, Julia crossed the room, her perfectly polished toenails peeking from the thick carpet underfoot. She attached the chain on the door, not caring if she locked him out of his own apartment. The sooner he came back, the sooner it would be over.

She had to tell him. She cared for him too much to keep her secret any longer.

And he couldn’t possibly care enough to forgive her for what she had to say.

TIDE OF LIES – romantic suspense coming April 2, 2012 to Noble Romance (excerpt subject to the wrath of my editor)

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