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"HIGHLAND SHIFTER is a beautifully woven, every thread an intricate part of the larger tapestry." Click image for more info.

HIGHLAND SHIFTER | Catherine Bybee

A war split by centuries. A family torn apart by circumstance. A love with no bounds.

And that’s only the beginning.

HIGHLAND SHIFTER is a breathtaking trip through the fabric of time, each stitch more intriguing than the last. Through a simple stone pendant with incredible power to an ancient book wielding mysterious clues, Helen Adams is whisked to sixteenth century Scotland. Dropped into a strange world with her life on the line, she finds herself face to face with a young man missing from modern-day California—one who is now very much grown , handsome, and fierce. He’s also her only chance for survival, but will he tear her world apart?

The story that follows is beautifully woven, every thread an intricate part of the larger tapestry. Mystery abounds in the form of ancient magic, Druid secrets, and a twist in time which throws Helen and Simon into a conflict with a threat that can—and does—change everything. No single place is safe. As the story progresses, the clues to Helen’s past funnel into an ever-sharpening vortex—a collision of past and present that will leave readers reaching fervently  for one page after the next. And in the end, when the path is clear, the choice with which Simon and Helen are left—and the decision that follows—is one readers will remember long after the last page has closed. Intense and adventuresome, with characters so true they’re more a part of your life than they are the book in your hand, HIGHLAND SHIFTER is a story that gets to the very core of human emotion and grows there, deep in the heart.

And has there ever been a more exquisitely written romance? One stolen moment at a time, the reader feels the connection grow between Simon and Helen. It’s as natural as breathing. Ms. Bybee draws from the reader an ache for these characters, and there builds a yearning for a resolution that’s as improbable as the truth itself.  In the face of a world Helen never knew existed, her strength doesn’t hide her vulnerability. Simon’s sacrifice is bone-deep, his loyalty for his family a large part of who he is. They don’t come together as opposites, but with a purpose. And it’s through those circumstances their bond surges—tender, strong, and beautifully intimate.

If you’ve not yet read BINDING VOWS, which precedes HIGHLAND SHIFTER, or the other titles in the MacCoinnich Time Travel Romance series, don’t let that discourage you from grabbing this one right away. Ms. Bybee does such a fantastic job of world building in HIGHLAND SHIFTER, it would actually serve as a standalone title if not for the captivating final scene. And while those last words take nothing from the conclusion, they do serve their purpose, as I am positively dying to read the next book. And while I wait, I’ll bide my time with the rest of the series. After experiencing HIGHLAND SHIFTER, I won’t dare miss a single one.


I received a complimentary advance copy of HIGHLAND SHIFTER in exchange for an honest review.