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Can’t wait for this one? Check out FAMILIAR LIGHT(only $3) to get the early scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the LIES! Here’s today’s snippet between Holden and Julia, ex-lovers who haven’t seen one another since she disappeared years ago without a word of explanation. Holden has just asked her if she’s involved with anyone.

“I’m . . . alone.”

The words were still on her breath—the half-truth heavy on her heart and her conscience alike—when his mouth touched hers in a gentle, electrifying sweep. The light kiss, little more than a caress, sent her blood thundering through her veins, exacerbating her need for more.

She clutched his shirt, longing for him to lose control. Her every memory of him began and ended with sweaty, clothes-flinging, breathtaking and utterly wild sex. If the man didn’t stop treating her like she’d break, she’d explode.

TIDE OF LIES – romantic suspense coming April 2012 to Noble Romance (excerpt subject to the wrath of my editor)

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