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Now, if you’re an author don’t go running off just yet. I’m letting you writerly types past the bouncer based alone on the fact you all wouldn’t rock your genres if you didn’t also read. Furthermore (*clears throat*) this is a great chance for you to see how your next manuscript might be the perfect fit for Noble. So without further ado (because haven’t I already adone enough? *grin*) let’s welcome Jill Noble, Senior Editor of Noble Romance Publishing.

Welcome, Jill! You’re here to talk about Noble Romance, so let’s start off by giving readers an idea of what they’ll find there. 

Hi, Sarah. Thank you for having me here. I’m honored to be your guest. J

What will readers find at Noble Romance? Well, for starters, a ton of really terrific books by some wonderfully creative and talented authors! J Noble publishes all romance sub-genres, from sweet to erotica. We also have an erotic line, and we recently started a young adult line of books. At Noble Young Adult – Not Just Romance!, readers will find everything from horror to sci-fi to romance, and everything in between.

I absolutely love the diversity! Definitely something for everyone. (Hear that guys? No excuses—check ’em out!) With so many publishing houses out there, readers sometimes have a hard time knowing where to look and why. What sets Noble apart?

I think there are a couple things that sets Noble apart from other publishing houses. One, our quality. I’m very particular about our editing process, and I admit to being tough on my editors and our authors. I will delay a book’s release – or even pull it off the cyber-shelf – if I find errors our editors missed. If a customer emails and points out an error that made it through the editing process, I’ll pull that book, fix the error, and re-do all the files. I believe readers who purchase e-books from Noble deserve as high quality a product as one they’d purchase from any New York publisher.

Two, we do everything we can to allow our authors to remain true to themselves and their stories. We don’t force an author to add X number of sex scenes. We don’t force them to tone something down if the content fits their story or their characters. We will make certain the author understands any possible ramifications, but we don’t force them to edit out content they feel needs to stay.

I will personally vouch for the editing, having pulled a half-the-nighter with you myself, Jill. *grin* Noble offers a Most Valuable Reader Club. What is it, what are the benefits, and how do readers join?

The MVR Club actually isn’t live yet. We were close…and then the company we’d contracted with to create the free gift we wanted to give to the first 100 subscribers dropped the ball. That was about three months or so ago, and since then, the program has been sitting on the back burner. It’s high on my list of priorities now, though, because I’m finishing a new promotions package, and the MVR Program is a part of that. Look for this to go live by mid-March (possibly sooner). Once it does, readers who join will receive 10% off all purchase, free author swag, free print copies of their favorite books, and a few other cool things I’m still in the process of finalizing the details on. For someone who buys a lot of e-books anyway, this program will be a nice plus.

Me, me! I’m really looking forward to the launch. ;c) What other benefits are there to being a Noble Romance reader?

One thing Noble offers that I have not seen anywhere else is what we call our Hot New Talent Program. This program assists brand new authors in promoting their very first book, but it also benefit readers, in that we offer these books at a substantially lower price than our “regular” releases. ALL Hot New Talent novels are priced at $1.99. All novellas are priced at $1.49. And all short stories (our “Nibbles”) are priced at $.99. Readers have the opportunity to discover some great stories by some talented authors at a reduced cost. And these aren’t second-rate stories we slap a cover on and put out there. HNT books go through our normal editing process, and readers will find them just as enjoyable as any other book we sell.

I love the introductory prices. Speaking as a reader, it really is a phenomenal way to prod me into trying a new-to-me author. What kind of feedback do you most often get from readers? Do you take their comments and/or suggestions under advisement when you consider Noble’s direction?

We get your standard comments/questions/complaints. Usually, they have trouble with the checkout process, and we can usually walk them through fixing the issue in just a few minutes. We answer every communication and resolve all reader issues…usually within 24 hours.

It’s good to know you can be reached on the off chance there is a problem! What’s next for Noble Romance?

Oh, boy. A lot. J We’re starting several new newsletters, wherein we’ll feature our authors and those authors will provide all sorts of interesting and helpful advice and information on a wide variety of subjects. We’ll be doing more reader chats (in conjunction with a couple of the bigger review sites) and parties, and I expect our authors (especially our HNT authors) will be out there, online, actively engaging our readers.

Thanks again for having me here, Sarah. I hope your readers enjoyed learning a little more about Noble Romance. If anyone has any questions, I’ll be happy to answer; I’ll pop in off and on throughout the day. J If you miss me here, feel free to email me at jill@nobleromance.com .

I’m looking forward to the Q&A! There’s a lot coming for Noble, and I’m excited to help spread the word. And on that note, don’t y’all reader folks forget you have a chance to win a $10 Noble Romance gift certificate every single week if you subscribe **by email** to this blog. (The box is on the top of the sidebar to your left). You will be automatically entered in the weekly random drawing as long as you remain a subscriber—how easy is that? For full giveaway details, click here. Now, if you’ve got your questions ready, let’s have them! And please do visit Noble Romance or Noble Young Adult to see what they’ve got in store (<ha! a pun!) for you there. Jill, thank you for being here and opening yourself up to readers!