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Can’t wait for this one? Check out FAMILIAR LIGHT(only $3) to get the early scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the LIES! Here’s today’s snippet between Holden and Julia, ex-lovers who haven’t seen one another since she disappeared years ago without a word of explanation. Things are heating up, but he hasn’t forgotten she was just brutally attacked.

 He didn’t know the extent of her injuries so he relied on body language, the grip of her thighs around his hips and the blessed sting of her fingernails under his shirt coming through loud and clear.

His world existed in brutal slow motion—passion on the verge of explosion, the desire to dive into her almost too much to bear. Ten years of pent up emotion made a hell of a mess once set free, and he was drowning in it.

He lowered his head and found her mouth. She met his kiss with a soft breath against his lips, her hands clutching him everywhere they touched. The familiarity of her beneath him didn’t make sense on any level, and the ease at which they fit together only deepened his ache.

TIDE OF LIES – romantic suspense coming April 2012 to Noble Romance (excerpt subject to the wrath of my editor)

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