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Two fabulous things about today. One, it’s February, which means spring just sounds closer than it did in January. Two, and the better by far, is the visit we have today from Ciara Knight, who is here with her new book AND a copy to give away. Details for entry follow, but first let’s chat with Ciara.

**CONTEST CLOSED** Congratulations to Yadira, who was chosen by random.org as our winner.

Welcome, Ciara, and congratulations on the release of THE CURSE OF GREMDON. The story sounds amazing—can you tell our readers a bit about it?

It is a high fantasy romance. There is more sword fighting in this book than sorcery, that comes into play more in book II.  J In this installment, all the inhabitants of the kingdom are locked behind the castle walls due to a hideous curse that has robbed them of their land, family, friends, and freedom.

That sounds like such an intense, high-stakes plot! As I read the blurb, something immediately snagged my attention. Forgive the way my mind works (most of the regulars around here are all too familiar, LOL), but I have to ask: If the male warriors are the only ones allowed sex, how do the women qualify to serve them? Are they a separate subset of this society?

There are woman specially trained in the art of pleasing a man. They are kept in the Elders tower and only sent out when needed. They are granted to the male warriors as rewards for fierce battles and warrior accomplishments.

Yowza! While I’ve still got my nose in the blurb, I’ll say I love the twist — that of a great deception — you reveal at the end. Is the point at which this is discovered near the end of the story (the final showdown, so to speak), or is it just the beginning of your characters’ battles?

Actually, it is in the middle. I know, strange place, but you’ll understand if you read the story. 😉

Aw, we’re hooked and you’re just reeling us in, LOL! If a reader is unfamiliar with your work, which of your books would you suggest he or she read first?  Why?

If the reader enjoys young adult/sweet romance then they should check out my Battle for Souls series. Love’s Long Shadow, a prequel novella to the series, was released in October 2011. Book I, Rise from Darkness, will be released late March 2012.

If they prefer a spicy romance then they should read The Curse of Gremdon.

Action and romance is an incredible combination, and it sounds like THE CURSE OF GREMDON is packed with both! Let’s switch things up a bit. Which genre are you drawn to as a reader?  Do you prefer to read in the same genre as your WIP or do you mix it up?

I read anything and everything, well, not long technical kind of stuff or anything too extreme. Some of my favorite books are Redeeming Love (Christian), Hunger Games (YA), and Ender’s Game (sci-fi). I’m about to read my first Karen Marie Moning book. I’m so excited. J

LOL. Definitely a variety of interests! Let’s sneak back into the bedroom. Looking back over all of the intimate moments you’ve created between characters, which scene would you most like to experience for yourself?  What makes it so alluring?

I’d love to experience the scene near the lake. There is something about being totally alone with the one you love in the great outdoors.

I totally agree with you there. Being outside is incredible! (Why is everyone looking at me? Hmph.) Okay, Ciara, moving from love to war, have you ever battled with any of your characters over their personality traits?  If so, who won – you or the character?

Yes, Tardon is headstrong. Um…he won, but don’t tell him that.

My lips are totally sealed! ;c) Have you ever made big changes in your story because someone – your crit partner, a friend, or beta reader – really didn’t like it?  Are you glad you did (or didn’t)?

Absolutely, there is nothing better than a beta reader or crit partner’s opinion. I’m blessed with some amazing people around me.

Oh, how I love critters with their fresh eyes! LOL. How do you keep track of plot elements or twists?

I don’t really keep track of plot elements or twists, but I do have spreadsheets for other elements of a story. Who has what power, age of characters, and traits.

That’s a great idea, and especially when you have those extras to keep track of, like their powers. (I don’t think I’m organized enough to write fantasy, LOL.) Which of your novels most reflects who you are as a writer?  Why?

Wow, tough question. I think each shows a different side of me as a writer. That’s what I love about writing, I can create anything I want. There is something about that kind of freedom. BUT, I’d love to be Arianna. She is so strong, independent, and fearless. I think she’s my idol. J

LOL! Writing such a fabulous character makes YOU fabulous, right? *grin* And on the subject of writing, what are you currently working on?

Rise from Darkness, YA Paranormal book, will be released March 2012.

WIP – Cyperpunk – Think Terminator vs. Heroes with YA characters in a Firefly (earthbound) setting.

Plenty to look forward to, but we can start right here with THE CURSE OF GREMDON. Let’s take a closer look, then readers be sure to stay tuned for giveaway details!

THE CURSE OF GREMDON | blurb & links

In a world where marriage is forbidden, sex is only granted to male warriors, and the outer realm is full of murderous creatures, Arianna fights to protect the life of her only living relative, her brother.

Tardon, an elite warrior, is granted anything he desires by the Elders, but finds little joy in the voluptuous women presented to him. Born for the bloodlust found only in battle, complicated emotions emerge when he discovers his equal in the alluring warrior, Arianna.

Charged by the Elders with saving the castle from attack, Tardon and Arianna risk thecurse when they traverse the vast outer realm to retrieve serum from the Tree of Life. If successful, the Elders have promised Tardon the right to marry and Arianna the cure for her brother’s death fever. Will their love carry them through or will the discovery of a great deception be their ultimate demise?


CIARA KNIGHT | bio & links

Ciara Knight always had a passion for storytelling. At an early age, she wrote several short stories and poems, and in college she started work on her first novel. It wasn’t until late 2008 that she returned to her true passion of writing. Over the past few years she has penned five novels and joined several professional writing organizations to better her craft.

When not writing, she enjoys reading all types of fiction. Some great literary influences in her life include Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Francine Rivers and J K Rowling.

Ciara is happily married and enjoys family time. She has learned to embrace chaos, which is a requirement when raising three boys, and utilizes the insanity to create stories not of this world including, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and Young Adult Dystopian.

Her first love, besides her family, reading, and writing, is travel. She’s backpacked through Europe, visited orphanages in China, and landed in a helicopter on a glacier in Alaska.



Ciara has been kind enough to bring an e-copy of THE CURSE OF GREMDON to give away, and entering is easy! Just leave a comment with your email address, and while you’re here please use one of the share buttons to tell your friends about this post. (Appreciated but not required. ;c) Ciara, I’ve really enjoyed your visit and I’m so happy you dropped by. Thank you all so much for being here today. Have a great one!