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No one was more surprised than little ol’ me when my new pal Christine Warner honored me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award last week, and in the past I’ve received similar endorsements from Renee Vincent and Krystal Wade. (My husband is amazed I’ve convinced one person, let alone three. LOL.) I’m now bound by duty to tell you seven things about myself, so let’s get to it. ;c) (PS: If you missed my previous list of 7 Things you Didn’t Know About Me, check it out here.)

1. I got married when I was 19 which, as my husband loves to say, was a “long, LONG” time ago. Going on 15 years later, I still like him. Even when he says that.

2. I have a bizarre connection with one of my friends. We met when we were pregnant and due the same month — her with her 4th, me with my 6th. Our due dates were back to back. Then we were scheduled for induction on the same day two weeks before our due dates. THEN we ended up having our babies before the scheduled induction . . . on the same day. And we live hundreds of miles apart!

3. I can’t find the remote for the TV, the bottom of the kitchen sink, or the end of the laundry pile.

4. My husband can fix anything, which really came in handy recently when one of the kids flushed a bar of soap and *we think* the stopper for the bathtub.

5. (This one is for you, Christine!) I LOVE Ghost Adventures. I don’t know why, but the words come so much more easily when it’s on TV. (And it has to be on TV. It doesn’t work if I stream it.)

6. I totally dig NFL football. And my husband does not. What are the odds? (He says he’d rather go outside and play with the kids than watch TV. Is he awesome or what? And then, well then I can see my football in peace! LOL.)

7. I love hot peppers and hot sauce. I put jalapenos on everything, and when hot sauce makes me cry and sweat, I’ll buy it by the gallon.

There you have it! Seven more things you might not have known about me. Oh, and that sweet thing? It’s just a rumor. *grin*

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