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**Read all the way through to find out how you can win a copy of the sexy, sizzling SLY’S SURRENDER.**

(Contest closed. Congratulations to Niina, who scored her prize after getting the finger from random.org.)

Before I introduce Renee, I need to sneak in a little announcement, which is fine because you guys need to brace yourselves anyway. (Trust me. You just do.) It seems I forgot to announce my weekly giveaway winner over the weekend, and this week we have TWO. Why? Because last week’s winner, Krystal Wade, was kind enough to throw her prize back into the pot since she already loves me. Is she awesome or what? So that said, congratulations to hjbmckenna(at)etc and nayjf(at)etc, random.org’s nominees for the week. Check your email!

Now, on to the muse juice. Those of you wary of the catering probably missed Renee’s earlier adventure here on the homefront, so you might want to check out her interview so you can fully appreciate her post. Oh, and comments there are NOT to be missed. It’ll all sort of come together for you … and come to think of it, those of you eyeing the catering probably DO remember that. It’s the rest of you chowing down on biscuits without a second thought as to what that secret sauce might be. Ahem. So without further ado (because I think I’ve adone plenty, lol), take a gander at Renee’s Muse Juice. Renee, take it away!

Hi Sarah and friends! *waves*

Thanks for the invitation back! I had a lot of fun last time I was here, what a couple of months back now.  If you don’t remember me, that’s alright. I can barely remember that long ago with all of the holidays and happenings between then and now. Last time I was here Sarah and I had a great time bantering back and forth in an interview that has probably been my favorite to date. I absolutely adore Sarah’s sense of humor, so when she extended me an invite for a second visit I was thrilled.

One of the topics of conversation on my last visit was my odd blog name, the Muse Ampoule. Just as a refresher that was a penname I picked out to use in online writing communities. It came to me by accident. I had one of those moments where I had to have a catchy name that would help people remember who I was and my writing, so I popped open my Random House Word Menu and threw my finger down on a random page. I landed on Ampoule. An ampoule is a sealed glass vial typically used to hold medicinal solutions. I took a moment to think on it, trying to find some way to use this odd word in a penname and it came to me like a flash. What better medicine could there be for a writer than a Muse . . . or Muse Juice as Sarah pointed out last time.

It’s been a great ice breaker. Most people can’t resist asking me what the hell does it all mean. And how does one pronounce it (muse am-pool). Since then, I’ve been playfully known as Mrs. Muse, Musey, and my favorite Musey-Poo.

So today I’m here to talk about my Muse Juice, what inspires me, what cures my writerly woes. Some authors will go in great depth to talk about their muses, some going as far to say that they can’t write without that special spark. Some say there are no such things as Muses. I believe in them and I count myself lucky to have not one but two muses. And though I’m able to write with or without their help, I find my most inspired work comes from a little external prodding on their end. But, there are days/weeks/months where I don’t feel that extra something so I had to figure out a way to still function.

Like most do I find myself facing a block or a dry well from time to time, but rather than relying on feeling inspired, I gather up my notes for story ideas I had while my muses were upon me. Before I realized to save those ideas, I relied heavily on writing prompts or challenges by friends during my lows. And though they helped, those ideas felt more like meager rations rather than the full meal that being inspired provided.

So far my methods seem to be paying off. I have one published book, Sly’s Surrender, which came as a challenge, but the parameters were loose enough to let me play. I was in between inspiration and needing a challenge when a friend of mine told me that he’d like to see how I’d do writing a M/F erotic romance piece, at least 3,000 words.  Three thousand words turned into six and my first foray into romance took me to a place I had yet to consider, publication.  When it was finished I submitted it to Noble Romance Publication and they were gracious enough to give it the green light. And, to my absolute surprise, it rose to #2 on Noble’s Top Ten Best Seller’s list in the first couple of weeks.

Blurb: By day Sly is a take-charge, no-nonsense restaurateur, and at night she plays her hand as a demanding mistress. Sly has everything her heart desires: a successful business with loyal patrons, a gorgeous boyfriend and a flair for dominating in the bedroom. Everything she’s ever tried has gone her way, every decision followed to success, every goal achieved, and yet she yearns for more.

One night she decides to try something new, giving up her customary control to the tall, dark, and sexy Jake. Jake is put in a position to prove to his lover just what he’s capable of, and Sly experiences the new pleasures to be found in letting someone else handle her reins.

Recently, I submitted for a project being headed by Ruby Green for her Lesbian vs Zombie project. I’m currently in the waiting process for that to see if it’ll be accepted or not. (Fingers Crossed)

Blurb: Erin and Sarah have the opportunity of a lifetime, demonstrating a machine with seemingly limitless potential to tap into the power of the human mind. To the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts University of Technology, the girls’ project is simply an avenue to further their personal gain and nothing more. During the demonstration, the arrogance of the powerful men proves to be their damnation when an accident they caused leads to unforeseen and terrifying results.

Now the two lovers must find a way to quell the plague their machine has unleashed, but to do so they first have to redefine their perceptions of what is real and possible. When science and magic meet, the line between horror and hope becomes very blurry.

And I’m in the process of wrapping up a short piece for J.S. Wayne’s project Writing Out Child Abuse (WOCA). This project is for charities helping to bring awareness and funds to victims of Child Abuse. I have to admit with this project, more than being prompted with a challenge, I felt particularly inspired. Perhaps it was the cause or the topic, but I certainly felt my Muse whispering to me in this one and it’s like nothing else I’ve written. This one is not a romantic piece, just the opposite, but that’s not what is setting it apart from me. The characters and the method for delivery have a different feel than my previous two tales.

So now that you know a little about my Muse Juice, I’d like to hear about yours. What inspires you, what is the cure for your writerly woes? Everyone who leaves me their response with their email address will be entered to win a free copy of my e-book Sly’s Surrender.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Sarah, thanks so much for having me back here!!  : )


To find out more about R. Renée Vickers and some pretty fabulous guests, check out her blog: http://museampoule.wordpress.com/

Buy Links for Sly’s Surrender:

Noble Romance: https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/364/Sly%27s-Surrender

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Slys-Surrender-ebook/dp/B006PTINGI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327269250&sr=8-1


Okay, folks, you heard her. What’s in your muse juice? Creative answers welcome! (I think.)

Renee, so glad you came back! That restraining order wore off rather quickly, no? And I don’t know whose underwear we found in the freezer after that last interview, but you can all rest easy because I threw out that whole batch of ice. Really . . . I’m almost sure of it.