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Today we are visited by Elizabeth Reyes, who has some of the most rabid fans I’ve seen in my year+ of existence in this world of publishing. She’s going to keep you all entertained while I sneak off to steal some of her bathwater, so play it cool and listen up. And while you’re taking orders, stay tuned. She’s got one of her best selling books to give away, but you’ve got to read through to the end to find out how to enter. (And no sneaking ahead, because I need you to keep her occupied, please and thank you.)

Welcome, Elizabeth! I was just joking about that bathwater thing, mkay? Ahem. Lots of congratulations to you on the success of your Moreno Brothers series. At first glance, one thing is abundantly clear –  these stories REALLY resonate with your fans! Why do you feel they’ve forged such a strong connection?

From what I’ve been told they really hit home because the characters are so real. I think a lot of people connect from the very beginning of the series because everybody reading has either been there, is there right now (my teen readers) or can’t wait to be there and are able to connect to the feelings of insecurity.

The reader connection rocks, and you’ve totally rocked it! How did the idea for the Moreno Brothers series come about? Did you plan all along to write a series, or did the characters or readers demand it?

A little of both. My original thought once I finished FM and missed the characters terribly was to write a book for each brother, hence the name of the series The Moreno Brothers, but Sofie’s story begged to be written and then the readers are actually who persuaded me to write Romero and Izzy’s story. One I’m now very happy that I did. And then of course there is the Angel and Sarah short story at the end of Making You Mine which was written entirely on the insistence of the readers who wanted more Sarah and Angel. =)

Such strong characters to stick around like that! (And I love the tease on your blog about Sarah and Angel. That was awesome.) We have a lot of stories here, so can you give readers a brief introduction to each book in the series, or perhaps the series as a whole?

The series as a whole is basically about a Hispanic family running a Mexican restaurant together. The family consists of three very intense, and overprotective brothers and their younger sister. But the series also includes one of their best friends story, since childhood. One very important thing to note, these brothers and their friend is they are as possessive as they are overprotective, which adds to the intensity of each story. Anyone who likes to read about hot-tempered jealous obsessive alpha males has a good chance of becoming hooked on my guys. =)

Briefly, what each story is about:

Book 1 -Forever Mine –  Mature YA. This is the story of the youngest brother Angel who falls hard for Sarah the new girl in school. Angel makes a couple things very clear from the get go, he doesn’t share, and he doesn’t believe guys and girls can be just friends. The problem? Sarah’s best friend waiting for her back home is a guy but Angel is under the impression this friend is a girl and Sarah lets him. But how long can she keep the truth from him?

Book 2- Always Been Mine – Adult Contemporary. This is the story of the middle brother Alex. Known as the womanizer his off and on relationship with Valerie is abruptly off for good when she catches him with another woman and is no longer able to deal with it any longer. A year later they meet again and are surprised to find not only is the spark still there, it’s a flaming inferno. Determined to not fall into that web again Valerie fights the feelings telling Alex she’s already moved on and in a relationship. Now it’s up to Alex to convince her they belong together.

Book 3 – Sweet Sofie – Mature YA. This is the story of Sofie the Moreno brothers highly guarded little sister. The story spans her life from the time she is 10 through 19. You see her fall in love with the brothers best friend Eric from the time they were kids, and sit on the edge of your seat as she sneaks around to be with him when they are teens. You also get to see her become a young woman and deal with real adult issues that tests her love and loyalty to the one boy she’s loved her entire life.

Book 4 – Romero – Adult Contemporary. This is the story of Ramon Romero one of Angels best friend, who goes simply by Romero. Through out the series you’ve gotten a taste of his crude personality and a glimpse of his bad temper and foul mouth. Now you find out why he is the way he is and watch him fall in love Isabel (his Izzy). Plagued his entire life with anger issues he’s now forced to try and control them. But controlling his anger when it comes to seeing Isabel around other men, proves to be an impossible feat. To my surprise, this has been called by many of my readers their favorite in the series.

Book 5 – Making You Mine – Adult Contemporary.  This is the story of the oldest brother Sal. He’s always been the one in charge, calm collected so unlike his hot tempered brothers. But in this story Sal’s closet alpha male personality is unleashed when he meets his match Gracie. And to everyone’s surprise Mr. Perfect messes up royally. Watch him scramble, as the ticking time bomb threatens to ruin his relationship with the first girl who’s managed steal his heart completely.

Wow. They all sound amazing! As I read through, I thought, “That one. No, that one. And this one!” LOL. If a reader is unfamiliar with your work, which of your books would you suggest he or she read first?  Why?

All the books in the series can be read as stand alones without the need to read the others but if you really want to get to know the characters from the very beginning I’d suggest you start with the first in the series– Forever Mine.

Noted. *Grin.* Which genre are you drawn to as a reader? 

Definitely romance. But as I’ve said in other interviews I’m open and willing to read anything that is a good story. As long as it keeps me hooked I’m game.

I have to agree with you there. Sometimes I’m surprised by what hooks me! And speaking of the good stuff, let’s go there a little. Looking back over all of the intimate moments you’ve created between characters, which scene would you most like to experience for yourself? 

I think I’ve experienced every single one of them. Even the angry sex scene in Romero. My husband is always willing to sacrifice for my art.  You know research.  😉 Rowr! But honestly there is a soft spot in my heart for that first kiss. It’s something I always wish I could go back to. The incredible feeling of the wild butterflies and the newness of it. For this reason I think I will always include a YA (mature of course) in every one of my series. =)

I totally love the research. (And the first kiss. The one thing we with husbands no longer want to research, lol.) Have you ever battled with any of your characters over their personality traits?  If so, who won – you or the character?

Oh yes always. I’ve had reviewers say they had their moments when they wanted to scream at my characters or shake them soundly, trust me so have I. But they are who they are and I wouldn’t be allowing them to stay true to their character if I intervened so as much as I’d like to fight them and say NOOOOO! Don’t do that! Or stop being so damn stubborn! I can’t and so yes. *sigh* they always win. =/

From the sound of those brothers in the overview you gave us, I have to say I am SO not suprised! LOL. Have you ever made big changes in your story because someone – your crit partner, a friend, or beta reader – really didn’t like it?  Are you glad you did (or didn’t)?

Not huge changes but small significant  ones and yes in the end I’m always glad. I typically go with my gut and if I do change something someone suggests it’s usually something I was on the fence about to begin with. In some case there are scenes I almost took out and my crit partner or beta convinced me to keep in.

It’s funny to think how our stories might have been different if not for the critter, or the editor. A little bizarre, actually. (Yes, I’m getting pensive on you. More distraction . . . ssssshhh!) How do you keep track of plot elements or twists?

I don’t. Believe it or not most of the twist and plot elements just happen as I write. I usually have a pretty good idea of what the main premise will be about but how it happens and what twists take place usually just come to me as am writing. So yes there are many time that just like my readers I’m gasping thinking “No way! Are you serious!?” As my fingers type away. =)

Oh, how COOL! That’s such an exciting way to write. :c) And speaking of writing, what are you currently working on? 

I currently have 3 WIP’s. The one I’m most of the way through is Noah the first in my upcoming 5th Street series. You can check out the cover and a couple of teasers I’ve already posted on my blog. The other two are the next two in the series. The stories just come to me and I have to write  them down so even though I said I would concentrate on just one I now have 3 going at the same time. =/

You’re definitely staying busy, and I bet the readers are loving you for it! :c) We’re going to all stare at you a moment, Elizabeth, and then we’ll finally give up the details on that giveaway. *Grin.*


The Moreno Brother Series. Catch all the blurbs teasers and even the character interviews on my blog!


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I was born and raised and continue to live in sunny southern California. I’m married and have two wonderful teens. My love for writing began when I was just a kid though, I never really had any dreams or aspirations of doing it for a living. Then along came the age of eReaders and I saw an opportunity to get my writing out for the world to read without jumping through hoops and getting past the red tape of trying to get traditionally published. The Moreno Brothers series has literally changed my life. I now wake up to go to work a few yards from my bed.  I already have another series in mind that will immediately follow this one. (No I won’t be taking any vacations from writing!) I will have more info sneak and peeks of that series which will be out in 2012. But I have so many other stories screaming to be told I only wish I could write faster!



As promised, here’s the scoop on Elizabeth’s giveaway. Ya ready? She’s giving away a much coveted copy of FOREVER MINE (or if you already have that one, she’s willing to negotiate another title. *grin*) Winner will be chosen at random from comments with email addys, with winner’s choice of Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords formats.

Thanks so much for being here, everyone. Elizabeth, it’s been an honor. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and good luck in the giveaway! (Geez … MUST that rhyme? LOL!)