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Get swept away by Joselyn Vaughn's beautiful HAUNTINGS OF THE HEART. Click image to learn more.

Minnie Schultz, leading lady of Joselyn Vaughn’s HAUNTINGS OF THE HEART, just might need some sort of restraining order against me. I want her house. I want her friends. And if my guy didn’t already have it covered, for absolute sure I’d want a love like hers.

But I digress. Things haven’t exactly been going Minnie’s way. She was fortunate to be able to purchase her dream home, the Lilac Bower, and transform it into a Bed and Breakfast, but business is down and so is a lot of the drywall, thanks to some leaky pipes.  In an attempt to bring in guests, she and a friend come up with the idea to take advantage of the fall season. They advertise the Lilac Bower as haunted, but when ghost hunters show up on her doorstep, things suddenly get complicated. Curiosity seekers are one thing; the potential of being exposed as a fraud is not the kind of “fright” Minnie had in mind.

Adding to the muddle of her financial burdens is a million-dollar offer to buy the Lilac Bower—an offer too big to refuse, though she does so with oomph. (Literally . . . part of the ceiling lands on the impeccably dressed attorney while she’s in the middle of turning down his client’s offer, sufficiently bolstering her opinion of his business dealings.)

Yet, worries over a fake haunting and a mysterious buyer with dubious spending habits have nothing on the biggest complication of all: Gordon Anderson. Decades ago, he was her first love.

Now, decades later, she still waits.

But not in the snivel-y, woe-is-me kind of way. Minnie has lived a full life. She’s dealt with heartbreak—much of it a byproduct of her past romance with Gordon—but she’s never wallowed in what wasn’t to be . . . nor has she married. And she doesn’t exactly throw herself in his arms, either. In fact, she’s not the least bit pleased with herself to realize she can still fix his coffee exactly how he likes it, but she’s too much of a lady to dump it on his head, no matter how appealing the concept. (I have to admit, I tried to goad her into it but was profoundly ignored.)

As the story unfolds, so do the questions. Why did Gordon ignore Minnie’s heartbreaking letters? How could he move on so callously, without so much as a word to her, and why did his entire family leave town suddenly in her absence? And after everything they shared and lost years before, how could he re-enter her life only to demand from her the one thing she has left? The truths are shocking, and with them comes the kind of heartbreak I’ve seldom seen an author handle as beautifully as does Ms. Vaughn.

HAUNTINGS OF THE HEART is not your average romance. It’s a truly funny, heartwarming love story that spans generations, expounding forgiveness and doing so with respect for a couple of characters who deserve nothing more than to find one another again. And as a reader, you’re darn lucky if you discover them for yourself.

HAUNTINGS OF THE HEART is available for only 99 cents from Astraea Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for sharing my thoughts on the story, which is freaking awesome, y’all!