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“We are old. Older than humans. Older than the primates from which they were spawned.”

Even the deep disgust in his voice was lyrical. He spoke a few soft words in a language Belle didn’t recognize. Even angry and spiteful, Tequelin could not disguise the true grace of those sounds. Images of sunlit valleys and shadowed forests crept into Belle’s mind, compelled by the music of his voice. She stopped eating. A deep warmth spread through her chest, softened her muscles, hooded her eyes, until the notes fell through her like an addiction. Her lips parted in awe as a kind of ecstasy folded into her awareness.

Tequelin glanced up and closed his jaw tight. The sensation coursing through Belle collapsed into disappointment instantly forcing a sigh out of her.

The Belle Stalker – Chapter Forty-One


Sarah here: I didn’t want to preface Minette’s intro with one of my own, so I’m nudging in right here. :c) Minette Meador, author of THE BELL STALKER, is here with a guest blog you’re gonna love and a really, really cool prize. Minette has six children (just like me . . . see, now you guys can’t say I’m crazy without pointing the same finger at her. HA!) and she spent 20 years as a pro-musician and actress. Now she’s a stellar author, and I hope you’ll all join me in giving her a warm welcome as she closes out her blog tour. Minette, take it away!

THOSE WHO HEAR | a guest blog from Minette Meador

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Sarah asked me how my music and acting background influenced my books.  To be honest it’s very hard for me to differentiate between the three. The discipline I learned on the stage to hit my mark, learn my lines, immerse myself in the character I was portraying spilled over into writing almost magically. I still have to stay on target with my plot like I had to hit my spots on the stage. My characters are extensions of my experience and I have to be deeply in touch with them, even when that is not very comfortable. Music taught me to control my voice, the notes that resonate from my chest, the projection of my note so that it could be heard above large bands and orchestras. Back in the day, you didn’t use a mike on stage; you learned to throw your voice the length of the football stadium. It’s the same in a book; the words are your instruments. They have to be concise, eventful, and project at once the action, the emotions, and the push of the ARC. They have to capture the reader so that she is there with you on the page, another character exploring the thrill of the story. In many ways, writing is by far the more difficult art… but also the most rewarding.

In some ways, the relationship I have with my readers is so much more precious than those I had with an audience. Your readers are your partners in the journey; without them there would be reason to take it. Without you, I would be bellowing in a desert with no one to hear the words. It is because of you I write and I am so grateful you have come along on this journey with me this year.

I am sad to see this tour end, but at the same time so excited about exploring the amazing friendships I have made here. You have enriched me in ways I can’t even begin to imagine and I approach the next four projects with a childlike excitement I haven’t felt in a very long time. Thank you so much for seeing me through one of the best years I have had as a writer. You have restored my faith and humbled me with your kindness.

May you have an amazing celebration of life this holiday season and may next year bring you the fulfillment of dreams. Minnette :o)

Sarah here: Thank you so much, Minette! It’s so cool to see the relationship between the stage and authoring. I feel like I may have learned something about myself in reading your story. Also, I love the image you brought with you. It sings peace and serenity, and there’s just not enough of that to go around. (Especially not in my houseful of kids, LOL, and no doubt you know that story all too well!) I hope 2012 brings with it much success and happiness for you. It’s been a pleasure having you here today!

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