Today we welcome Andrew J. Eaton and his collection of poetry. Titled POETRY IN MOTION OR THE SPEEDBUMPS OF LIFE, this volume of Andrew’s work traverses the many facets of life, offering readers something with which to connect no matter what their station in life. I hope you’ll enjoy this visit with Andrew, whose enthusiasm is every bit as inspiring as his words. :c)

Welcome, Andrew, and thanks so much for joining us today! For readers unfamiliar with POETRY IN MOTION OR THE SPEEDBUMPS OF LIFE, can you give them an introduction? Tell us a little about the book.

It’s a collection of poems, that reflect the feelings and observations of mine!  It is my first attempt at writing poetry!  The book, I feel, reflects many things that we all encounter throughout life!

A great way to connect with readers, no doubt, and a deeply personal journey for you. You pulled inspiration from your own life for these poems. Which events in your past most shaped you, and how do they appear in your book?

It all started pretty innocently!  I wrote a short poem, in a birthday card for a close friend!  She had a small crush on me, but I didn’t share the same feelings!  At the time, there was no real idea for a book!  These ideas or pieces of a poem, would just come to me!  There is not one poem in this book, that took me more than ten to fifteen minutes to complete!  The majority of them are pretty good, for a beginner!

Sounds like you were on fire to write so quickly. It must have been a wonderful process for you, as most writers I know are thrilled when the words come “fast and furious.” :c) Which of the pieces in this book would you consider to be the most “fun”? Tell us about it.

The majority of them are, or were fun!  It’s always enjoyable to create something that didn’t exsist before you put pen to paper!  Some, were painful as well!  The poem “ A Loss Never Forgotten”, was written a day after my Aunt Nadia passed away, and was dedicated to her!  There are many more that reflect things that were not so pleasant happenings in my life!

How wonderful for you to leave a tribute to your aunt in such a way. So many things we can’t always say out loud, yet the emotions seem to express so readily in the written word. Which of of your poems has the most poignancy or meaning for you? Tell us about it.

I was having lunch in a Subway one afternoon, and observed a small child in a wheelchair!  The thoughts of why her, and what she might be feeling!  That afternoon, I wrote  “ The Reach of Children”!  After reading numerous times after I had written it, I was always amazed and a little emotional that such words could come from me!

What a great story! Have readers connected to one poem in particular? Is there a piece you hear about often, or does the book resonate uniquely with each reader depending on their place in life?

I think it will resonate uniquely, differently to the individual reading it!  I gave a copy to a friend, who often is asked by his 7 year old daughter, to read it to her!  I believe I can touch all ages, in any language!

It’s wonderful to know this collection appeals to readers of all ages. What did you learn from writing this book?

I’m not sure if I really learned anything!  I just love to observe people and try to understand and reflective what they might be feeling!  I suppose I’m much to sensitive, for my own good!

LOL. What are you currently working on?

My second collection of poems, should be out next spring!  I think I’ve matured in my writing, in the fact that now, I spend a little more time configuring!  I now try, not to use the same word more than once in a poem!  I think it’s twice as good as my first!

Not using a word twice … now that is an interesting challenge! And I  wish you all the best as you move forward with your project. Thanks so much for being here and introducing readers to POETRY IN MOTION OR SPEEDBUMPS OF LIFE.

Readers, you can learn more about Andrew’s work by following the links below.