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In this six from my upcoming romantic suspense, TIDE OF LIES, Julia has just been attacked and beaten. She was back in town to see her ex-lover, Detective Holden Whitlow, who had no idea his crime victim would be the woman he’s spent ten years trying to forget. Now she’s ready to bolt, but are the consequences more than she can bear?

Julia had a lot of experience with turning the other way, and her attack provided yet another chance to hone those skills.

Ten years ago, when things with Holden got complicated,  she’d been forced to leave. Now, no such opportunity existed. The knowledge pulsed through her with every beat of her heart, the pain both numb and sharp.

If she ran, he would find her.

And with her, a truth that would destroy him.

TIDE OF LIES – romantic suspense coming soon (excerpt subject to the wrath of my editor)

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