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A smokin’ hot cowboy. A beautiful woman. One just looking for a good time, and the other with everything in the world to lose. Add instant attraction and you’ve got to wonder how they make it to the hotel room with their clothes on. Throw in a meddling sister interrupting the action and you get  . . . shot?

Yeah, it’s about like that.

A KNIGHT IN COWBOY BOOTS starts with a (literal) bang, but that’s not the only reason it’s not your typical romance. What really sets it apart is the depth of characterization and the humor, which flows so naturally throughout the story it’s quite possible at some point you’ll realize you’re reading with a big goofy grin on your face. These characters—not just the main characters, Maddie and Zach, but the whole lot of them—absolutely pop from the page . . . so much, as I reflect back over it, this story plays more as a movie I watched than a book I’ve read.

Maddie is on the run, trying to protect her infant nephew Jesse from his murderous father. She’s done her homework—she’s got a plan for avoiding the man who killed her sister—but what I really love is how she still faces indecision and insecurity. Everything looks good on paper, but can she go through with it? How long can she live like this? What happens if Jesse’s father finds her? What if Jesse gets sick? The what ifs and the worries are there—not taking over the plot by any means, but they’re present, and they add an air of authenticity to her plight.

The series of events leading from Zach’s gunshot wound—which did nothing to endear Maddie to his pseudo-matriarch of a sister—to the conclusion of this story defy easy description, and I mean that in the BEST possible way. The plot flows seamlessly, the quips flying with life showcased in a way that makes you want to crawl in and live every painful, hilarious instant. Even the sex is in character for these two, with no mistaking these moments belong to Maddie and Zach, and as a reader I was shamelessly the middle of them, loving every sizzling second. Not to be outdone by the lighter points, the suspense is bone-chilling at times, the intrigue thick.

As the plot comes full circle, the threads which tie these characters together are so beautifully poignant,  I found tears in my eyes. The author uses this connection to add a whole new layer to the story that really makes it unforgettable. And successfully so, because if ever there was a story I wanted to read again—immediately—this was it.

Ms. Quint offered me a free copy of A KNIGHT IN COWBOY BOOTS for review, but she got a lot more than that . . . she’s found herself a reader for life. Her style is nothing short of outstanding, and I can’t wait to dive into more from the McKnight clan.

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