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Y’all remember last week’s six with FAMILIAR LIGHT? Such a fantastic response, and I’m totally leaving you in the lurch on that one. *Grin* Switching gears, today’s six comes from TIDE OF LIES, a stand-alone sequel to my romantic thriller FAMILIAR LIGHT. In this six, my detective hero has had an unexpected run-in with the woman he’s spend the better part of ten years trying to forget. Worsening the emotional impact, she’s been brutally attacked . . . and that’s only the beginning of the trouble for these two.

He’d never wanted to completely forget the time he spent with Jules—the problem was he couldn’t forget how it ended. And after years of safekeeping in a corner of himself he seldom acknowledged, having those old feelings ripped raw unsettled him. Seeing her bruised, however, was far worse. Protective instincts prowled the fence he’d erected around his heart, the resurfaced feelings looking for a hole through which to charge.

Holden could not—would not—go there again. But his determination made her eyes no less green, the bruises no less real.

TIDE OF LIES – romantic suspense coming soon to Noble Romance (excerpt subject to the wrath of my editor)

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