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For a taste of this delectible Christmas classic with a twist, click the image above.

It’s Friday, and that means another spicy holiday treat! Today’s feature is a smoking hot erotic story with an exciting twist—just when you think you’ve got this one figured out, things heat up in a very unexpected way. Nichelle Gregory’s sexy humor is unforgettable, and so is this holiday scorcher!


Marisa always makes gingerbread cookies for her husband during the holidays. She loves baking and magic and when she decides to mix the two together she gets the surprise of a lifetime! You won’t soon forget this Naughty Nibble filled with sweet thrills!   


Marisa stared at the fragrant brown dough in front of her again, taking in a deep breath. What was she waiting for? The spell couldn’t possibly work. Exhaling, she quickly spoke the words of the wish spell before she could change her mind. For a few seconds, nothing happened. Marisa was just about to turn away when she noticed a twitch. The little gingerbread man had moved!

Screaming, she backed away from the island until her bottom hit the wood cabinets behind her. She watched the cookie dough flutter and shake as it rolled back into a ball, then it traveled to the edge of the island and fell onto the floor. Breathing heavily, Marie stared in shock as a figure began to rise from behind the marble island. Her gingerbread man continued growing in height and thickness as she gripped the counter behind her, transfixed by the magical sight. She couldn’t take her eyes off the flesh and blood man now standing before her. He had sexy brown skin the color of molasses, soft black curls on the crown of his head, warm brown eyes and a full mouth turned up into the teasing smile she had designed. His muscles looked huge beneath the thin cotton blue shirt she had piped on just moments ago.


THE GINGERBREAD TRYST is available with Noble Romance, Amazon and other e-retailers!
Review: Bitten By Books~“This erotic tease will not only please and arouse but will give you pause before eating that next spicy gingerbread man you find laying around your kitchen counter.” – Click here for full review
Author Bio: Nichelle Gregory has been in love with books and writing since middle school. A lover of the arts, she enjoys anything that embraces the creative nature within us all. Bringing believable characters to life that thrill and excite her readers is a challenge that continues to push Nichelle. She loves creating stories involving super sexy alpha heroes with divine heroines in magical, exotic, and fantastic scenarios. So, gone on . . . Indulge your secret fetishes and desires in one of her simply sexy stories!   Visit her website  and blog.