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Riley Beckett's past just came back to haunt her ... and this time he's got a gun. UNFORGIVEN ... click image.

Note: This scene includes a single use of profanity.

Maverick drew to his feet. “If I’m to judge anything from your expression, I’d have to say you’re screwed. Am I close?” Without waiting for an answer, he headed for the kitchen. The oven squeaked open and slammed shut, sending the smell of pizza wafting across the room.

“The one thing I’m not quite following,” he called. “Is what Colt Beckett has to do with this. He hasn’t moved from that bed in months. They tried physical therapy early on, but he refused to talk and as far as anyone can tell he hasn’t made any effort toward rehabilitation, not that they expect he’ll be able to regain use of his arms or legs. How could he possibly be involved? I mean, no one has called or visited him since he left the hospital for residential care.”

No one had called or visited Colt in the last nine months? Stunned, Gage cast a sharp look in Riley’s direction, his heart drumming in his chest. Riley had dumped him on Colt’s insistence. Because Colt knew Gage had driven the truck that ripped his world to shreds and shattered his dreams. Because she said she had no choice. She owed it to Colt. Family loyalty. A broken heart.

All the reasons she’d set Gage free. Kept him out of jail, ordered him out of her life. Let him live, even though he knew damn well she had died inside.

But to abandon Colt? He’d like to hear about that. Apparently Gage wasn’t the only one with secrets. But he could deal with her secrets. What he couldn’t live with was knowing his lies could have cost Riley her life.

Or that they might have led to murder.


I was hooked from the first scene in ‘Unforgiven’…a shot echoing through the woods in Oklahoma with a mysterious marksmen out for revenge. From that moment forward, ‘Unforgiven’ takes many exciting twists and turns that lead to an ending I did not see coming.” Amazon review from C. Percer


Riley Beckett’s past just came back to haunt her . . . and this time, he’s got a gun.

When Gage Lawton finds his brother shot dead on his back porch, every shred of evidence points to one person: Gage’s former lover, Riley. He and she didn’t part ways on good terms, and he’s not planning to rekindle anything now–not when he’s got a revolver pointed at her head and a finger on the trigger.

A year after Riley swore she and Gage were over, he returns in a hail of gunfire. One look into those achingly familiar blue eyes and she knows how wrong she was to let him go, but now far more than their heated past stands in the way. A twist of fate puts them in the crosshairs of a killer, leaving Riley with two slim options:  trust her greatest betrayer or face a murderer on her own.