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This week’s spotlight is on FAMILIAR LIGHT. Now, I know if you’ve been anywhere near the blog tour you’ve seen plenty of this title, so I’d like to offer those of you faithful enough to stick around a brand new excerpt you haven’t seen anywhere else. Thank YOU for being here!

The air shifted.

Laney’s eyes flew open, but the darkness betrayed nothing but the distant wash of the ocean and the scent of Bridger’s shirt. She’d swiped it from the bed and slipped it on, ignoring his mock complaints about having to cuddle with his own dirty laundry. In spite of his grumbling, he’d wrapped her in his arms and held her close the entire night.

Until now.

Panic rising, she sat and felt for him. The bed was warm, but he was gone. Then a noise sounded from the direction of the bathroom. Heart hammering, she sought the door in the dark. It was closed.

Laney clutched her chest and let out a long breath. Everything was fine. She must have awakened when he got out of bed.

All of the emotion of being with Bridger again sent her hopes spiraling in goofy directions. Twenty-four hours ago, she hadn’t known what to expect—only that he was worth the chance. Now, she wore his old T-shirt and breathed the salty scent of his skin. A world of possibilities stretched before them, like limbs in tangled sheets—each new curve the promise of something delicious to come. She might be jumping the gun—perhaps foolishly so—but for the first time in years, the future was clear. Her future was Bridger.

Jeremy would just have to learn to live with it.

A whisper of sound drew her attention from the bathroom, toward the deep shadows of the corner. Daggers of unease pricked her skin. “Bridger?”

She glanced back to the bathroom. There was no light under the door. That was wrong—all wrong. Why would he be there in the dark? “Bridger?”

The noise in the corner scratched over the floor, louder this time.

Laney gulped. She and Bridger weren’t alone—someone was in the room.

No, wait. There was a cop in the parking lot. She let out a breath, forcing her heart to steady. Her fears had to be the result of an overactive imagination. Whatever she thought she saw—

In the space of a single heartbeat, one layer of shadow detached itself from the rest. The figure crossed the small room with quick strides.

Laney opened her mouth to scream, but no sound escaped. Frantic, she pushed herself backward across the bed.

Almost immediately, she slammed into the headboard with a bone-jarring thud, putting a quick end to her useless attempt at escape.

The shadow was close—the man nearly on top of her, stealing any chance she had for leverage.

“Save your breath,” he said in a jagged whisper. “Your boyfriend’s dead.”

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