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Alright, y’all. I know we’ve been cutting up around here a lot, but it’s time to straighten up and wipe the ketchup off your chin because Bryl R. Tyne, senior associate editor of Noble Romance, is in da house. He already had super powers (seriously, have you read his work?) but add the title to his placard and I’m all about best behavior. (Oh, quit laughing, would you?)

Bryl, welcome! We have a pretty good idea of how things are going for you now (= awesome), but have you always wanted to be an author?  How did it happen for you?

No. At least, I didn’t realize I did. Since grade school, I’ve written poems and short stories, but I never thought of writing as anything to make into a career. Just past age 40 and 3/4 the way at earning my Communications degree, it hit me like a load of bricks. Seriously, I had one of those Shazam moments! I’ve been writing and publishing ever since.

Judging by the success you’ve accumulated, I’d say you hit it right back! LOL. Which one of your own titles has had the greatest impact on you personally?  As an author?

I would say The Zagzagel Diaries series. None of those stories are erotic, which was a step I felt I needed to take. Yes, sex sells, but could I write a story that sells without the sex and readers still LOVE it just as much? Apparently, I can, say the readers of the series. Feels good to know that.

I would imagine it does! And being  multi-talented, multi-genre-d can’t hurt a darn thing, LOL. Now, just so you don’t seem quite so intimidating, how’s about you tell us about your most embarrassing moment?  Details are good!

Which one? The time I took a nosedive on the skating rink floor or the time my middle school principal caught me in the boys’ room?

Oh, Bryl. That is just unfair. Caught you doing WHAT? We have good imaginations around here, you know. *wink* Assuming that wasn’t it, LOL, describe your most vivid childhood memory.  Would you like to revisit that time in your life?

My most vivid is when I was 3 yrs old and I was having nightmares and asked to sleep in my parents’ bedroom. After much debate, they unfolded the cot at the foot of their bed. As with most kids, only THEN I got thirsty. Of course, sleeping parents can be cranky parents and I was told to go use the stool in the bathroom and the glass on the sink to get my own drink. I did, but had this ominous feeling like someone was watching me. I no sooner stepped out of the bathroom into the hallway when I heard this faint click, click, click, click behind me. Ok, I recall vividly my rapidly increasing heart pounding in my chest, my shortness of breath as I looked hesitantly over my shoulder to see one of my white Sunday school gloves crawling, finger over finger, down the hallway behind me! I don’t think I’ve ever ran so fast in my life to get back into that cot!

*Blinks.*  Bryl R. Tyne, you ARE a tease. When you first moved away from home, what was your place like?

Oh boy. Embarrassing. Is that a proper description? Like most bachelor pads, small, unkempt, lived in—MAJORLY live in, and cheap.

LMAO! Speaking of home, what are your favorite things about writing for Noble Romance?

I know a lot of authors there who I enjoy reading.

No kidding! My TBR list takes a hit every Monday, without fail. (For those of you not in the know, Noble releases new books on Mondays). What’s going on in your writerly world?

I have another vampire novella with an entirely different plot out at Riptide Publishing. I’m currently working on a horror collection for them and at the same time, writing my first Lesbian erotica for a Lesbian vs Zombies call at Noble Romance. Ought to an be interesting few months, indeed.

That it shall, but plenty of reasons for readers to stay tuned! (And I SO want to write horror. It’s on my list as soon as I finish my series titles.) And, dear readers, while you’re tuning, check out Bryl’s links and bio further down the page. Then don’t forget to leave a comment with your e-mail address for entry in the overall prize pool plus a chance at author swag from the one and only Bryl R. Tyne. Only then may you tear yourself away and continue the tour. Deal? ‘Cause if you try to sneak out of here early, I’m totally sending Bryl’s white glove after you. Just sayin’ . . . .

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IMMORTAL by Bryl R. Tyne

Found abandoned as a child and taken in by the Nevsky clan, the man Ivis now feels the call of the water, the sea, but Sefton and his family, one of the most influential vampire bloodlines in Russia, isn’t about to let Ivis go. As Ivis’s powers grow stronger—powers unknown to him—Sefton’s instructed to detain Ivis at all costs to tilt in his clan’s favor the balance of power in an endless struggle between the Bogdanov water gods and Nevsky vampires. Sefton’s left with a choice: power or love. Which is the greater desire?



Author Bio: BRYL R. TYNE is a wrangler by nature and a writer by choice. Balancing as many pronouns as hats, somewhere between the evil day job, editing, and helping a benevolent Sugar Daddy raise the last of seven kids, Bryl writes. Homoerotic romance is a favorite, but many of Bryl’s stories cross genres. Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi, even Westerns, Bryl writes them all.

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