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The Noble “Timeless Desire” blog tour kicks off week two, and today my esteemed guest is Brita Addams. I found this interview to be particularly interesting as Brita and I haven’t crossed paths on the playground too many times, although I’ve always respected and admired her work. I hope you all have as much fun getting to know her as I have!

Welcome, Brita, and congratulations on TWO Timeless Desire releases! Clearly you’ve got this whole writing thing figured out, LOL. Have you always wanted to be an author?  Briefly describe your path.

I have a simple answer. You know how dreams are – they usually seem unattainable. When I got serious, I just sat and wrote and wrote, not really knowing how bad it was. I studied though and found out about head hopping – very discouraging. LOL. Then through a great deal of good fortune, I submitted Serenity’s Dream to Noble Romance and waited.

When I got the word they wanted it, and that they thought there was a great potential for a series, I was over the moon, or in the boughs as my characters might say.

Since then, I’ve submitted and pubbed seven novels and novellas with Noble alone and six elsewhere. With each one, I’ve learned so much and I’m no where near the writer I really want to be. I love to learn!

That’s such an inspiring story, and how fortunate for all of us you found Noble! :c) Which one of your own titles has had the greatest impact on you personally?  As an author?

Personally, Her Timeless Obsession and A Minute After Midnight. Both stories relate strongly with my own family history.

That’s a great selling point. How can anyone not want to read when there’s a scoop in those pages? LOL. What was your most embarrassing moment?  Details are good!

Hmm. Oh, Sarah, you’d ask, huh? Well, let’s just say I was in second grade, wore a skirt and forgot to put on my underwear – come on, I was 7. I was so confused as to why a classmate kept asking me to flip upside down on the monkey bars – several times.

I am SO laughing! But my daughter, who is six and owns plenty of underwear, is often caught without it. Her excuse? She’s saving it for church. *Sigh.* Butt (ahem) back to you, that was epic. (Wonder whatever happened to that kid? LOL.) While we’re in your early years, describe your most vivid childhood memory.  Would you like to revisit that time in your life?

I was seventeen, just a few months from graduation. My aunt, who lived in California, called in the middle of the afternoon. At that time, long distance was very expensive and people didn’t use it unless it was very necessary.

My mother wasn’t home and Auntie said she’d call back. A couple of hours later she did and my world fell apart. My grandmother had died that morning at the age of fifty-six. Mom dropped the phone and I slid down the wall. I sat there for a very long time trying to determine how my life would be without my precious Gram.

Still, all these years later, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of Gram and what her loss has meant to my life.

I wouldn’t want to revisit that time. The pain of it has passed and I’ve got wonderful memories of her.

Wow. I know how that hole remains, long after the healing has begun. I’m so glad for those great memories. :c) Since you were close to graduation, this next question probably won’t take us too far from that time in your life. When you first moved away from home, what was your place like?

I lived in a large hotel for working and college girls. It was almost like living at home. There was maid service, meals cooked and the company of many people. Even eagle eyes when boyfriends visited.

WOW. You totally scored on that one! (Well, except, I suppose, when the boyfriends visited.) Speaking of home, what are your favorite things about writing for Noble Romance?

The authors and all I’ve learned from Jill.

Agreed. Jill is AMAZING. I have no idea how she does it all, but she rocks it. I know you’re busy in other spots as well. What’s going on in your writer world?

At the moment, I’m working on the fourth installment of my Romeo Club collection. The first, Romeo Club #1: Surprises is available at Riptide Publishing and the second, Rubbed the Right Way, will be released on December 5, but can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

I also just had two releases for Noble Romance – A Minute After Midnight and An Evening at the Starlight.

Wow, you do have a lot going on! The blurbs for your Timeless Desire titles are coming up, but first let’s give the readers a taste of your linkage. (Okay, I really do just mean links, but you never can tell with me, can you? LOL.)

Brita Addams


EMAIL britaaddams(at)gmail(dot)com



John has a hard time forgiving and forgetting, and his wife Christie’s tired of trying.

Doe and Royal’s love story reaches through the years and gives hope to a young man who’s lost hope in his relationship. An Evening at the Starlight and a tale of a once in a lifetime love that wouldn’t die might be exactly what John needs to move past the hurt and cherish the love he has.



A fateful decision haunted Logan Chalmers for years. A high school reunion brings Reid Wright back to the old hometown, but will Reid even remember Logan or has he moved on to the bright future they were to share?

Following the rejection of the man he’d loved for most of his life, Reid moved away to seek his fortune. The hurt and anger allowed him to move on, but years later, only thoughts of Logan could bring him back for the reunion – that, and timeless desire.


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