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So far you’ve had 24 chances to enter the Kindle giveaway. Did you take them?

We survived the first week of the Timeless Desire Noble Authors Blog Tour (although, if you’ve followed along, you’ll note not all of us managed to keep our pants on, while others remained fully clothed no matter the requests to the contrary). This post is just a quick guide to the tour stops this week. While commenting to THIS post does not qualify you for a prize, YOU WILL GAIN A NEW ENTRY INTO THE KINDLE GIVEAWAY FOR COMMENTING ON THE BLOG STOPS BELOW. (One entry per post; multiple comments on a single post do not qualify as extra entries).

Where possible, these are DIRECT LINKS to take you straight to any posts you may have missed, but please note any individual author prizes for each post may have already been awarded. The kindle and overall prizes are still up for grabs and will be announced at the end of the tour. You MUST leave your e-mail address for your comment to count as an entry.

Tuesday, November 8
Jess @ HC Brown
HC @ Bryl R Tyne
Bryl @ Brita Addams
Brita @ JS Wayne
JS @ KevaD
KevaD @ Sarah Ballance
Sarah @ Lucy Felthouse
Lucy @ Jess Anastasi
Bonus Blog: HC @ Noble Romance
Bonus Blog: Lucy @ Ren’s Bloggin’ About
Bonus Blog: HC @ Jadette Page
Bonus Blog: Sarah @ Judith Leger
Wednesday, November 9
Lucy @ HC Brown
Jess @ Bryl R. Tyne
HC @ Brita Addams
Bryl @ JS Wayne
Brita @ KevaD
JS @ Sarah Ballance
KevaD @ Lucy Felthouse
Sarah @ Jess Anastasi
Bonus Blog: Bryl @ Noble Romance
Bonus Blog: Bryl @ Ren’s Bloggin’ About
Bonus Blog: Bryl @ Jadette Paige
Bonus Blog: Jess @ Judith Leger

There you have it, folks! One week in, and you’ve got ***24*** chances to win a brand new Kindle plus tons of other great prizes! I’ll announce my winners for the week right here tomorrow, so stay tuned if you’ve commented. To get the scoop on next week’s tour stops, head on over to the official Noble Romance Authors Blog Tour Blog or join us on Facebook. See ya on the road!