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In honor of this month’s blog tour, each Monday I’m going to offer a “second glance” at one of my four Noble releases. These brand new excerpts begin with my debut release from June 2010, DOWN IN FLAMES. But before you dive in, I’d like to congratulate our newest weekly giveaway winner, jloveless@xxxx. If you would like a chance to win a gift certificate, subscribe to my blog by e-mail. The box is on your left in the sidebar. Now, where were we?

DOWN IN FLAMES (romance)

Molly stopped nibbling on Jack’s neck at the precise moment he carried her through her bedroom door. In that instant the air between them turned thick and hot and every bit as dangerous as the gray-green calm before a whopper of a thunderstorm.

Jack swore.”I have to walk away from you, you know.” The look in his eyes clearly indicated he’d like to do anything but.

Relief and disappointment hammered Molly in a firestorm of truth. She knew he should go, but she wanted him to stay. She sure as hell didn’t want him to want to go. But he slid her, ever so gently, onto her bed and retreated. She lay trembling and hated herself for it.

“Jack?” She called to him softly. Too late, she realized the word sounded like an invitation.
He froze. Molly stared at the strong form of his back in the darkness, admired the way his silhouette filled the doorway. Filled her heart.

“I don’t want to ever give you a reason to question me again, Molly,” he said quietly, his back still to her.

“Then why are you walking away?”

“Because one night with you could never be enough.” Then the door shut with a soft click, and he was gone.

What the hell just happened? Molly squeezed her eyes shut, fighting tears and yet wanting to release them. The desire to be with Jack clawed at her—so much so that the need scared her—but she knew she’d never recover from a fling with him. She was in too deep already, and, God help her, she wanted more. Much more.

Because one night with you could never be enough.

Jack’s words traipsed through her mind, their meaning every bit as elusive as sleep. She knew why their affair would have to be a short-term thing, but she had no idea what made him think it.

She listened to the hammering of her own heart over the quiet sounds of Jack moving through the house. Her grandparents’ old bed creaked against the still night, and it was all she could do not to go crawl in after him. Months had passed since she shared the house with anyone, and knowing he filled the space made it feel like home for the first time in a long time.

She closed her eyes and imagined—remembered—his touch. Tendrils of electricity flew through her heated skin straight through to the part of her that wanted him most. She couldn’t decide if the honor went to the throbbing folds between her legs or her heart. But at this point, neither stood a chance.

In the safety of the dark, she knew she agreed with him: one night never would be enough, yet she had little else to give. In a cruel twist of fate, she was leaving. He was staying. Night drifted softly, restlessly, through the room, tempering her thoughts with fantasies of the man next door.

What readers are saying on Amazon:

“I found myself sucked in to the story line, looking forward to every spare second I had to read it, and pulling for the characters to remain together! It’s a fun, witty romance, where the author clearly loves her work and her characters, and has enormous talent bringing vivid pictures to your mind as you read this book. It’s a must read!” — NCmomof4

“The characters in this book won’t let you down. They are as real as any person I know, flaws and all.” — Mackinnon

“This is a comfortable, sexy romance—sort of mix of old baseball hats, flannel shirts and lace. Masculine and feminine sensuality combined to make a reader tingle. … And, at the heart of it all, a tender, believable romance.” — C. Percer “Little Irish girl”

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