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Today it is my supreme pleasure to welcome my new pal KevaD to the house, courtesy of the November Noble Blog Tour. He comes bearing a gift, so stay tuned through the interview to find out what you might win if you dare say hello. (Cull bravery from the fact that your comment doubles as an entry to win the Kindle and a whole lotta other great prizes). KevaD, take it away!


I’m KevaD, and I want to thank Sarah for allowing me to rest here a while. And thank you for stopping by.

I write everything and anything, from comedy to romance to horror, and a few things nobody’s sure what they are.

I have two books out as part of the Timeless Desire Line – “A Dance with Bogie and Bacall” and “Desire Damned.” The blurbs and links are posted toward the end of the interview. Excerpts can be read on my web site. A link is provided below also.

I hope you enjoy our brief time together, and I look forward to seeing you again.

To celebrate our meeting here, I’ll be giving away a $10.00 Noble Romance gift certificate to a randomly selected commenter.

(I love how he snuck that in there, all casual-like. And—ahem—do not even THINK about skipping ahead. You do NOT want to miss this interview!) Now, back to our guest!

Having read your work, KevaD, I must say you were BORN for this gig. Have you always wanted to be an author?  Briefly describe your path.

Intergalactic playboy and pirate used to be #1 on my list, but I got nosebleeds at the top of the playground slide. Truthfully, yes, I did. I had a poem and short story published in high school, but life intervened after I graduated, and I didn’t return to writing until a career and a half later. No regrets though, my life’s provided me with more story ideas than I’ll ever be able to write.

Click image for more information on this and other Noble Romance titles from KevaD.

I can’t help but wonder just *what* a playboy might pirate. Such naughtiness! (Or was that an and/or? LOL!) Now that we all know exactly which way your mind works (and I guess mine as well, LOL), please share with us which one of your own titles has had the greatest impact on you personally.  As an author?

My first published piece after I decided to return to writing, “The Book Review,” appeared in Faraway Journal, a print magazine out of California. It wasn’t very well written as I was learning how to write stories all over again, but the editor, Daniel Sawyer, liked it enough to accept it. That story more than any others contains who I am and describes several critical events in my life. Finding the courage to share those events was a major step for me, and told me that if I could write that story, I needn’t be shy about the fictional ones waiting to be told.

Excellent point. That’s one of my biggest struggles—putting myself on the page for all the world to see—but it certainly sounds like you did the ol’ cannonball in the deep end there. Now, I’m gonna LMAO if you even HINT at a cannonball or other pool-related incident on this next question. What was your most embarrassing moment?  Details are good!

One of them was the time I awakened to the sound of a woman screaming for help. Clad only in my tightie whities I grabbed my pistol and went running outside. Did you know peacocks sound just like a woman screaming for help? Neither did the neighbors, but they were all dressed.

OMG. I am *literally* LOL right now. Just … OMG. I don’t even know how to move on from this. Um, describe your most vivid childhood memory.  Would you like to revisit that time in your life?

When I unsuccessfully tried to ride my tricycle down the basement stairs. No, I wouldn’t like to revisit that time. It involved a lot of crying and Band-Aids.

Okay, so I’m still giggling a little. Can we just blame that on the previous question? (*Quit looking at me. You’re making me laugh!*) I’m almost afraid to keep asking questions here! LOL. When you first moved away from home, what was your place like?

First apartment was in Bartlett, IL, a block from the commuter stop and the gas station I worked part-time at. I worked fulltime repairing track for the railroad. The apartment was a second floor one-bedroom and the roof leaked.

I’m guessing the hole in the roof made for train noise in stereo? LOL. (I live under the periodic rampage of F-22 and F/A-18E/F fighter jets. I SO feel you.) Now, speaking of home, what are your favorite things about writing for Noble Romance?

Quick responses to my questions, an editor I’m very pleased to work with, marvelous cover art, and the owner seems to understand my sense of humor, or maybe she just gave up trying. Sucking up on blogs during book tours is optional and never required.

You know, the last time I really sucked up during an interview I just happened to receive a contract the same day. (Total coincidence and I’m not suggesting otherwise, but epic nonetheless.) After sitting with you this long, KevaD, there is NO doubt in my mind you’re up to something—lots of somethings. Tell us about any WIPs, upcoming releases, or anything else related to your work you’d like to share.

I just finished writing a novella titled “The Zombie with Flowers in Her Hair.” It’s part comedy, part drama. Okay, more comedy than drama. A lot more comedy. The story takes place in 1969 and follows a lesbian zombie and her yearning for a mysterious zombie with flowers in her hair.

Here’s the opening line:

“Nice ass,” I said, and handed hers back to her.

Not sure what will happen with that story yet.

I think I might be speechless. You, my friend, have mastered the art of the hook. LMAO. As you mentioned before, you have two titles to show off today as part of the Timeless Desire line. Let’s take a look at blurbs, shall we?

Desire Damned

Satan wants the warrior Taka to bow before him. But Taka bows to no one except his gentle lover Har.

For thousands of years the two men have been doomed to a life of torment. While one walks the earth, the other suffers under the devil’s lash. Their only respite is an occasional night; a random, beautiful, love-filled night, knowing that with the dawn one of them must die in battle and return to Satan’s wrath.

On the war-torn fields of Gettysburg the two lovers are reunited once again. But this time something beyond Hell’s reach has happened. Something so wondrous, Satan may finally get his wish.


A Dance with Bogie and Bacall

Radio DJ Scott Kincaid’s first caller of the night is a lady who died forty-nine years ago. The second wants to knock his head off. And he thought falling in love would be easy.

Maureen and Frank Johnson shared the kind of romance most people believe only exists in movies. Until a ballroom fire took Maureen’s life.

Franci Johnson grew up hearing her grandparents’ love story a thousand times and wishes to find the kind of undying love Frank and Maureen had once upon a time.

DJ Scott Kincaid just wants the ghost following him to go away. But Maureen thinks the hunky DJ might be just the answer to her granddaughter’s dreams.


Thanks again for sharing some time with me.


Thank YOU. Nothing like a good guffaw over coffee, LOL! *Grin.* Okay, folks, don’t forget to comment for a chance to win that $10 gift certificate to Noble Romance from KevaD! In doing so, you’ll also have your name in the hat for all kinds of good stuff, including more gift certificates, ebooks, author swag, and there’s that lil’ ol’ Kindle offered by Noble Romance. (!!) After you comment (not before, but AFTER!) click the tour button on the left sidebar to continue the tour loop. By following the circuit you’ll find MORE tour blogs with MORE chances to win! Or, simply click below.