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In this snippet from FAMILIAR LIGHT, the unexpected appearance of a lost love rips open wounds Bridger spent years trying to move past. Hurt and stunned, rather than face Laney and deal with everything standing between them, he asks her to go . . . so she does.

The door creaked shut, the finality of the slab hitting the jamb a punch to Bridger’s gut. The urge to run after Laney did nothing to jar his feet from the floor. He stood stupidly, blinking at the concave, concrete walls, digging for something inside of himself that refused to be uncovered. Already she was gone, the loss sinking in much faster than her reappearance had. He tasted an insatiable need to catch her, to claim her, to tear her apart, and put their relationship together again. To love her. But clinging to broken dreams haunted him long enough. There was no escape but to move on, and he’d have to do that alone. Laney was on her own.

Until he heard her scream.

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