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Today we welcome Catherine Bybee, award winning author of WIFE BY WEDNESDAY, a contemporary romance that puts a fun twist on the old fashioned concept of arranged marriage. Readers are clearly loving this story—the Amazon ratings tell the tale—and one of you will find out what the buzz is about without shelling out the 99 cents (seriously, that’s a mega-steal) to buy your own copy. How, you ask? Because, my lovelies, Catherine has generously offered to give away a copy . . . if, uh, you’ll let her into your bathroom. (Quit looking at me like that and keep reading!) Shall we? **Contest closed: Congrats to Sandy W., who was chosen by random.org as the winner of Catherine’s book.**

Welcome, Catherine, and congratulations on your new release, WIFE BY WEDNESDAY, which is tearing UP the charts at Amazon. (SQUEE!) You’re well known for your time travel and paranormal romance books. What prompted the switch to contemporary romance in WIFE BY WEDNESDAY? Were you nervous about how readers would take to the change in genres?

Thanks for having me here today Sarah and for the kudos on my Amazon sales.

I’m offering one of your lucky readers to a copy of Wife by Wednesday for leaving a comment and answering one very important question.

Are you ready for the question?

Okay, here  it is… Over or Under? How should toilet paper be hung? Over the roll or under the roll?

Now, back to your questions.  I’m very jazzed about reaching so many new readers. Why did I switch to contemporary romance… well, I don’t look at is as switching so much as adding to my library. I’ve always been a mulit-genre reader and see no need to stick to one genre as a writer. Ya, I guess in a way I was worried about what my readers would think. What I’ve found is that I’m finding new readers. Yes, my fans will read just about any book I put out, which is awesome, but there are a lot of contemporary readers who wouldn’t pick up a paranormal. So I’m breaking new barriers with Wife by Wednesday.

Toilet paper = Best. Question. Ever. And how awesome are your readers? *cheers Catherine’s fans!* I think that’s probably every writer’s dream, to have readers who will pick up anything with your name on it simply because you wrote it. *awe* Now, thanks to your readers and fans you’ve received several outstanding reviews for WIFE BY WEDNESDAY. What are some of your favorite comments, and why?

I think one of my strong points as a writer is how my characters talk to one another. Most of my books are dialogue rich so when a reviewer notices how well this flows in my books I love to hear about it. One reviewer said  “great characters that trade verbal spars like fist punches…” This one was from Sizziling Hot Book Reviews – I also enjoy when a reader lets everyone know that they have not read this kind of story before. The theme might be the same, but the content isn’t.

“Ms. Bybee has successfully taken the ever popular regency tome’ of titles, heirs money and inheritances, transplanted it into contemporary society and turned it on its ear!” This from TJ McKay ~

Wow, those are words worthy of a plaque or something! (Seriously … that would go in my scrapbook!) I happen to love good banter between characters, and this book is lauded for the use of humor. Does it come naturally to your characters, or must you prod them a little?

People who know me understand that humor is a part of my life. I like making people laugh. I don’t think this book, or any that I’ve written is chic-lit by any stretch… but they all laugh I usually have to tell them to behave and not joke around all the time. LOL

Oh, I bet that’s a fun room! (I’m a sucker for an author trying to keep characters straight, LOL.) If a reader is unfamiliar with your work, which of your books would you suggest he or she read first?  Why?

Binding Vows will introduce them to my writing and a bit or my paranormal brain. If they read contemporary then stick with Wife by Wednesday. Both of these books will introduce the reader to my voice and writing style, which they’ll either like or not.

Yes ma’am! LOL. (I suspect they’ll LOVE it!) Which genre are you drawn to as a reader?  Do you prefer to read in the same genre as your WIP or do you mix it up?

Great question. If I’m in the process of writing a book, I’ll read only what is in my genre I’m writing. It helps to keep my imagination sharp. However, as a rule I don’t read while writing new stuff. I don’t have time.

OMGosh, is that ever the truth! LOL. Looking back over all of the intimate moments you’ve created between characters, which scene would you most like to experience for yourself?  What makes it so alluring?

Pleading the 5th on this question – *wiggles eyebrows* – I have written two erotic novellas… so my lips are sealed.

Aw, man! Way to have us digging through the ol’ backlist to see where your mind goes! LOL. Have you ever made big changes in your story because someone – your crit partner, a friend, or beta reader – really didn’t like it?  Are you glad you did (or didn’t)?

I had to change the reference to Disneyland in Silent Vows because my publisher said I had to. I made it work, but I honestly think it was a silly move. I think of Disneyland as its own city and therefore open gain for a reference in a book. My publisher didn’t think the same… so I had to create a whole new theme park. But then, that’s what the publisher is there to help me do… stay out of trouble.

LOL! I imagine that would be frustrating, but it’s hard to argue with staying out of trouble. (Stop laughing. You guys know how well behaved I am!) How do you keep track of plot elements or twists?

Sticky notes all over my desk. *shakes head*

The use of sticky notes around here has been nothing short of rampant. I’m trying to figure out how everyone but me can handle tiny squares of paper, LOL! Which of your novels most reflects who you are as a writer?  Why?

I have to say Redeeming Vows – The third in my time travel series. Why, because it has the right amount of historical elements, paranormal elements, contemporary elements, and a heroine who is kick-ass.

Again, way to work the backlist! LOL. (Anyone else taking notes? I am!) What are you currently working on? 

Highland Shifter, the 4th book in my series, is in the editing phase and will have a 2012 release. I have more contemporaries in the pipeline. And I’m going to try and complete the rough draft for Married by Monday, a second book in the series spun off of Wife by Wednesday, before Christmas of this year.

Lots of things going on, and so many reasons to stay tuned! And we have links conveniently located for readers to do just that, LOL.

Thanks again for having me here today, Sarah.  Looking forward to blogging with you again.

My pleasure, Catherine! Come back any time. (I can only imagine what the next question might be, LOL!) <<Don’t y’all forget about the free PDF and the toilet paper. Leave a comment. PLEASE. I want to see this!


Catherine Bybee  loves hearing from her readers and encourages everyone who enjoys her books to follow/friend or even annoy her on:




A Contemporary Romance with a dash of humor and a whole lotta sexy…

Blake Harrison:

Rich, titled, and charming… And in need of a wife by Wednesday so he turns to Sam Elliot who isn’t the business man he expected. Instead, Blake is faced with Samantha Elliot, engaging and spunky with a voice men call 900 numbers to hear.

Samantha Elliot:

Owner of Alliance , her matchmaking firm, and not on the marital menu… That is until Blake offers her ten million dollars for a one-year contract. All she needs to do is keep her attraction to her husband to herself and avoid his bed. But Blake’s toe-curling kisses and charm prove too difficult to combat. Now she needs to protect her heart so she can walk away when their mercenary life together is over.


CATHERINE BYBEE: About the Author

Catherine Bybee is known for her time travel / paranormal romance books. Wife by Wednesday is her first straight contemporary with more in the loop coming. This is Indie Published with 4.5 and 5 star reviews already coming in.

Award Winning Author for Silent Vows Paranormal Category of the More than Magic 2011 contest

Amazon Bestseller in Time Travel/Historical/Fantasy-Ghost (All MacCoinnich Time Travel Books) + Anthology’s (Soul Mate)

ARe- Bestseller (Soul Mate – Kilt Worthy)

Fictionwise Bestseller (Soul Mate)

Well, that does it. I am seriously impressed! Folks, don’t forget Catherine has been kind enough to offer a PDF copy of WIFE BY WEDNESDAY to one fortunate reader who is willing to open his or her bathroom to the world (because yes, I reach da world!) to share a tidbit about toiletry habits. Personally I find the question to be brilliant—I totally can’t wait to see your responses. So let’s have it! Over or under?