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Only ***$1*** with all proceeds forwarded directly from the publisher to benefit Japan disaster relief. Please click image to learn more.

HAWTHORNE is only $1 with all proceeds forwarded directly from Astraea Press to charity supporting Japan disaster relief.  Comment with your email address for a chance to win *two* prepaid copies—one for yourself, and one to give a friend. (Contest closed – congratulations to Dianne H, who was chosen by random.org as our winner.)

“Somehow, Emma Grace, I don’t think you’ll expect to hear this next part.”

Emma’s temperature rose a degree or two hearing her name roll off his lips, but his tone did little to settle the unease threading the room. The cold spot in the attic dissipated into the oppression of humidity, then the heat of fire. The pressure in the room nearly killed her, but Noah sat calmly—studying her—his face traipsing with mild concern, if not indifference. The heat…didn’t he feel it?

His mouth moved, but a distant buzzing kept the words at bay. A movement in the corner of her eye had Emma’s attention darting to the shadows.

In a single horrifying second, she was certain the shadows held the face of the old woman. Noah’s words came back to her: I think I know who she is.

He was still talking. Emma tried to hear him, but the
translucent figure in the corner—there, but lurking just out of focus—swept the sound from the space.

Then, as suddenly as she appeared, she was gone. As if someone flipped a switch, through muffled, muted airwaves, finally Noah’s words broke through.

“Rumors … reported … your grandmother killed Alma.”

–from HAWTHORNE (mystery / romance), a charity novella with all proceeds donated to Japan disaster relief. 


Leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win *two* PDF copies of HAWTHORNE–one for yourself, and one to pass along to a friend. Both copies are paid for, so the charity will receive the donation for your winning copies.

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