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I don’t often post reviews for my own books on my blog (although there is a list of all I’ve received right here) but I’ve gotten some WONDERFUL ones from readers, and I’d love to share. You guys make me feel all warm and gooey inside, and I hope you all know how very much I appreciate the time you take to review my stories. Here are just a few of the 70 I’ve received thus far on GoodReads.


romantic thriller | NOBLE ROMANCE *New Release! Only $2!

“Filled with an old love, a stalker, danger and mystery, it leaves you sitting there wanting to eat every last tasty morsel until the story is complete. It makes waiting for the next story to come out with these character almost unbearable.” — Carrie-Lynn, Oct 20 (see full review)


romantic suspense | NOBLE ROMANCE | AMAZON

“Ballance has a wonderful way with words and she does an amazing job of building up the suspense in the novel. She kept me on edge and by the end of the novel I was still genuinely surprised to discover who the killer was.” — Vanessa Boekenoogen, Oct 11 (see full review)

“Unforgiven’ takes many exciting twists and turns that lead to an ending I did not see coming. Brilliant storytelling. Luscious romance. And, as is standard for Sarah Ballance…a headstrong, beautiful heroine and the sexy but real-to-life hero who makes her life both hell and heaven.” — C. Zampa, Sept 16 (see full review)


mystery/romance | ASTRAEA PRESS | KINDLE | NOOK *All formats only $1 and all proceeds benefit Japan disaster relief

“Just finished reading Hawthorne, and I am still in awe. I don’t even know how to write a review for this piece. It was hauntingly beautiful with a southern charm from days gone by. Absolutely stunning. A great read with a wonderful plus – the proceeds have gone to charity. Wow, Sarah Ballance…WOW.” — Melissa MacKinnon, Aug 1 (see full review)

“I don’t cry often, but when I do, I cry hard. This book had me blubbering like a baby and it didn’t need many words to do it. Sarah has a wonderful talent for creating believable words and characters that will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading.” — Krystal, July 13 (see full review)


romantic suspense | NOBLE ROMANCE | KINDLE | NOOK

“Ms. Ballance set a wonderful, dark mood for the story, the beach resort so vividly painted that I got chills as though I was walking on the dunes myself. I tensed up with Mattie in the too-big beach house which groaned with the high winds and where every dark corner could lurk the killer.” — Gigi, Dec 28 (see full review)

“This was by far the best suspense novel I’ve read in quite some time. The characters were funny, witty and Sarah-Ballance-sarcastic, and the plot was wonderful. You could feel the terror and fear at times, the steamy scenes made me a bit warm but not in a TOOO MUCH way, and by the end, I was so turned around wondering who done it that the ending was an excellent surprise!” — Adrienne4, Dec 19’10 (see full review)



“For a debut novel, Ms. Ballance has certainly set the bar high. Her characters are round and vivid, and her writing itself definitely stands apart.” — LynnMarie (for Denise), Nov 25’10 (see full review)

“Down in Flames is a sweet, sensual love story that will warm your heart. Molly and Jack are well-rounded characters that you’ll be rooting for to the end. I could almost hear the cicadas as I read this book!” — Angela Nichelle, Aug 24’10 (see full review)

For everyone who takes the time to rate and review my work on GoodReads, Amazon, or Noble Romance, thank you from the bottom of my heart!