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Before I get you all mired in my tirade, I want to congratulate Tracey (book*********@gmail.com), who won herself a $10 gift card to Noble Romance in Friday’s giveaway. How did she win, you ask? She subscribed to my blog by email, I say! (It really is that simple. For full details, click here.)

Now, I have to confess, I misled you a little.  I’m not going into a full tirade—I’m just going to summarize a little. I’ve had one HECK of a couple of days. I’d already planned to give you the scoop on Sunday’s events when I post on Wednesday, but I didn’t count on, well, TODAY.

It started with errands. I had five stops spanning two cities and probably twenty miles, which wouldn’t be SO bad if not for the three boys trying to KILL one another in the back seat.  I know it’s cramped back there. I get it, I really do. But for the love of all that is holy, what the EFF am I supposed to do about it? Trust me, if I could get away with one tied to the roof rack I would have given that a shot months (or years) ago. Two hours later, I made it home.

Mid-errands, I learned it did NOT start with errands as I’d thought. My husband called to see if we had water, because it seems that morning we did not. (He has to go to work at something like 6:00 a.m. The rest of us are not at all acquainted with that hour of the morning.) He was an hour late today from priming the pump so we’d have water. I did notice the toilet wasn’t running any more (it had been leaking into the bowl) but fixing the water shouldn’t have fixed the toilet. File that in “something is nagging me.”

…But not for long. Returned home to discover the toilet would not flush. The ONE toilet in our home of eight people. I thought I’d have all afternoon to stew about that, but as it turns out, one of the pigs got out. (I know, right?) So my husband had to come home from work. After he put up the pig (about 100 lbs and squealing like a, uh, stuck pig … only we didn’t stick it with anything) he made the toilet flush. We need parts to fix it. Mmkay. Kid mentioned the water at the barn tasting salty, and it had done so right after the hurricane when the well lost the prime (we have salt in the water softener) so I thought that might be the issue. It cleared up quickly, but I checked the kitchen water before I made tea. It was fine.

I have thus far failed to mention my horrible, swollen ankle. It’s my driving foot, so all those miles I logged in the morning pained me even more than the fighting kids. Then there was chasing the pig around for a good 40 minutes, just trying to keep it from escaping our fence. Then I had to clean out the car so I could take some of our outgrown baby stuff to a friend. Serious foot pain. Car looks better. Stuff delivered. Husband had to work late as a direct result of taking of an hour and a half midday to wrangle pig and flush a toilet.

When he got home and I finally, finally got to my shower, the first bit of water that came out had brown stuff in it – almost like sand. Ew. Let it run just a sec and it went away. Let it run some more for good measure, then took a nice HOT shower. Got out and limped my way to the bedroom so I could cuddle with my computer and a rather nasty situation in my WIP. (After days like this, is it any wonder I kill people in my books?) Ordered coffee from a kid. (For 25c a cup, I get it made fresh and delivered to the bedroom).

Y’all, I am on the edge of something FABULOUS. The day is behind me. I’m clean and stretched out in my jammies. My ankle hurts but the meds are kicking in. The baby is finally ready to go to bed. Life is goooood.

Then I get my coffee … and it’s salty. Which brings me to this: DEAR UNIVERSE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And to this: Just wait until I tell you about yesterday.

I wish I had a doughnut but I don’t, so I take all of this out on my characters instead. Check out my new release, UNFORGIVEN, or dig through the whole backlist by clicking here. And for heaven’s sake, please watch for wandering swine.