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Only ***$1*** with all proceeds forwarded directly from the publisher to benefit Japan disaster relief. Please click image to learn more.

For a limited time, HAWTHORNE is on sale for just $1. All proceeds are forwarded directly from Astraea Press to benefit Japan disaster relief.

They’d shared their last kiss; it was a reality he never saw coming, and yet he wouldn’t change a thing if he had known. Things were like that with them—always perfect.

Until the moment she’d caught his lip between her teeth in a playful nibble that still drew an intimate surge through him when he thought of it. Then she’d run the length of the walkway, hair flying, bare feet slapping on the wood. Two wooden rails stood between them and nothing, and the world was theirs.

Then he blinked.

–from HAWTHORNE (mystery / romance), a charity novella with all proceeds donated to Japan disaster relief. 


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