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Coming September 5 from Noble Romance

Dear People with Electricity and an Internet Connection,

As I write this, Hurricane Irene is headed right for us. The only consolation I have in being smack dab in the center of that “cone of probability” is those darn things are seldom exactly right.  However, the closer Irene comes, the more concerned I am by my spot in the bullseye. Needless to say, I may not be able to make the rounds this week, but believe me when I say I wish I could! In the meantime, please enjoy a snippet from my new romantic suspense UNFORGIVEN, which releases September 5 from Noble Romance.

When she found his gaze, it was over the business end of a revolver.

He leveled the gun in her direction. Everything else in her world trembled, but his aim held rock steady. Unyielding.

His eyes burned blue and bright. “What I want to know, sweetheart, is why you did it.”

–from UNFORGIVEN, Book One in my new Packing Heat series of romantic suspense titles from Noble Romance

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