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Elaina Lee and I are wrapping up our month long co-promotion of our charity novellas with – what else – a post on co-promotion.   I’ve got to say I was really looking forward to what she thought about bunking with me for the month, but I made a point of not looking until I’d sent my post over to her.  Now that I’ve seen her thoughts, I have to admit she rather proves MY point. *Giggle.*  But seriously, I had a big laugh over the part about hearing crickets.  (And I should shaddup so you can see what I mean.)

Ladies and gents, I give you Elaina Lee:

A couple months ago, Sarah mentioned (very excitedly) that we should co-promote.  Being the anti-social nerd that I am, I looked around and thought, “Seriously?  She wants to promote with me?”  Now, I didn’t answer her right away.  I mean, I don’t know very many people, except those I know on a professional basis, and I don’t feel very comfortable asking them for ‘favors’ such as helping me spread the word about my books.  I truly felt I’d be pretty useless in this department.  But, she mentioned it again.  And again.  It became glaringly obvious I couldn’t ignore Sarah or her enthusiasm for long.  Then the owner of Astraea Press mentioned doing charity novellas/short stories and a light bulb went off.  If Sarah wanted to co-promote, what was more perfect than co-promoting charity shorts?!  So I asked if she wanted to join me in the venture.  This time I was the one hearing crickets.  We seemed to be developing a habit of catching each other off guard and outside of our comfort zones.  *grin*

However, write we did, and co-promote we did as well.  There was something really awesome about buddy writing.  Not writing together, but having each other, knowing we were both struggling, or having triumphs, that made the process both super fun and really special.  Then, when the release date arrived, we were able to do the happy jumping dance together! Doesn’t get much better than that. Our excitement for each others work made it easy to promote.

When the actual promoting came around, Sarah and I had put a lot of thought into what we’d do and how we’d do it.  We didn’t have to come up with ideas on our own, we had each other, nor did we have to fill a schedule alone, we each contributed (though Sarah more than I, I admit!).  The pressure of doing things jointly wasn’t as high as having to do all your promoting on your own.

Another obvious benefit is publicity.   I know people, she knows people, together we get more people on board to promote!  Plus, it’s double the exposure, a win-win for both authors.  Sarah and I also doubled up on giveaways.  All our promotional items, from rack cards to post-its contained information/cover art for both of our books.  Which  helped immensely with expenses.  The fans received the same amount of gifts/giveaways as they would have if we promoted separately, but because we promoted together, we each were only responsible for half the promotional materials, not all.  Since most authors are on a tight budget, this was a huge benefit.

Of course, all this means you have to go in with someone you trust.  Sarah had to trust when my week came around, I’d send our winner their gift certificate.  Since most authors know their greatest friends via the Internet, there’s always that chance they’ll flake out.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen in Sarah and I’s case (or to our winners!).

The best part though, is getting to do something with a friend.  🙂  You can’t go wrong there. – Elaina Lee

Sarah again: Okay, I’m a mess.  Flattered, sniffling, and feeling mad love for anyone who can say such kind things about me – especially after a month of togetherness. WOW. And it’s almost over! We’ve got one more batch of winners to announce, so for heaven’s sake, comment for a chance to get in on that $10 gift certificate or an ebook prize.  (You can also comment on my co-promo post on Elaina’s blog for a second entry).  If you purchased either TO URN HER LOVE or HAWTHORNE, we’d LOVE to send you a free gift.  Email me at sarah at sarahballance dot com to grab one for yourself, and please tell a friend!

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