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All you all well know, loyal readers you are, Elaina Lee and I have had a month-long love-in to promote the same-day releases of our charity novellas.  Today is the last we’ll spend chattin’ up our titles.  It’s not quite over yet–next week we’re going to dish on each other–but we are very near the end of our contest period.  That said, if you’d like to score $10 you have about a week left to comment for a chance to win.  Weekly winners will also walk away with free ebooks, so show us some love and we’ll love you right back.  Did you buy either of our books?  Don’t forget we have freebies to show our gratitude (while supplies last).  If you’d like some goodies, mention it in your comment and we’ll be in touch!

Now, on with the show. We’re talking favorite characters, and Elaina is up first!  Which were your favorite characters from our stories?


To Urn Her Love – The character I connected with the most and had the most fun writing had to be Caylie’s teen brother.  Having a son who’s about to turn 14, it wasn’t too hard for me to imagine the reactions of the 17 year old Kyle.  Plus, a close friend of mine just finished raising 4 teenagers, and her descriptions of their antics and attitudes really helped me bring him to life.  I was really pleased with the feedback I received from my publisher and from my beta-readers concerning him as well.

What I loved most about him though, was the slight innocence he still harbored, oh and of course the brainlessness that seems to occupy teenagers minds at times.  *grin*  Things that made Caylie want to pull her hair out, only for her to realize her brother couldn’t help his train of thought, LOL!  The conflict he created between them, and then the comfort he was still able to offer his sister just because he was still a kid, really made him special for me.

Hawthorne – Sarah’s story was so absolutely strong, it’s really hard to choose just one character!  But, I’d have to say her hero Noah, really leapt off the page for me.  Each time a scene in his PoV came onto the page, I was literally on the edge of my seat.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen!  She wrote him with realistic emotions and reactions, I hung onto her every word… or his rather.  *grin*  He was truly my favorite character.  Which may explain why I begged her to write a sequel… — Elaina Lee

Sarah here:  Ah, yes, the sequel.  I am terrified Noah2 won’t live up to the first edition!  LOL.  Fortunately I’m too mired in deadlines to “fretnone” (shout out to my great grandma with that one!) but every time I take a look at my WIP page and see the promise of a sequel I get a little shaky inside.  However, I LOVE the plot and can’t wait to get write it.  If you guys thought HAWTHORNE was a shocker, just wait until you see what secrets still lie within those walls!  Buaaahahahaha!  Oh, um, ahem.  Where was I?  Oh, yes, let’s take a look at an excerpt from TO URN HER LOVE.  It’s only $3 and it’s FOR CHARITY (!!) so grab your copy and please, tell a friend!

If you’d like to read my post on this topic, head on over to Elaina’s blog. Comment at both spots and you’ve scored TWO prize entries.  (Wow, how easy was that?)  Thanks for reading, everyone!

TO URN HER LOVE – excerpt

In silence, they walked the corridor flanking the stairs to the second story. Kyle stayed behind, digging through the plate of refreshments. They passed two doors and Caylie began to wonder just how large his home was. She dared not look around too much, afraid she’d grow jealous and feel even more insignificant than she already did. There were no disillusions in her life, she knew she was poor. Never before though had she felt impoverished. Until now. However, she did keep a roof over hers and Kyle’s head and they never went without a meal. Those were at least things she could be proud of. He opened a door to the left and motioned inside.

ʺOn the desk. May I ask first though, who you’re calling?”

With a sheepish smile, she held up the card. ʺA cab, I…accidently locked my keys in my car this afternoon.”

He stepped inside and closed the door. ʺI can give you a ride home.”

Shaking her head, she took the card between both her hands and stared down at it. Anything not to look at him and his way too handsome face and the body that proved he did hard labor. A few strands of gray stood out in his dark brown hair, slight lines appeared when he smiled, but other than that, the man was still dangerously good-looking. Only now he had a few years that took away that fresh-from-school look and a filled out frame that came with manhood. Alone in a room with him was so not where she wanted to be.

ʺI couldn’t possibly ask for anything more from you. We have done more than enough.”

ʺNo,” he said softly and the light, musky scent of his cologne filled her nose as he moved closer. ʺYour brother has done enough. You did nothing but return what was stolen, hours after it happened, I might add. You did me a huge favor, especially since my mother happened to show up to get a good look at the urn.”

ʺSomething you wouldn’t have even had to worry about if my brother hadn’t taken it in the first place.” She shook her head and put some distance between them, moving towards the phone.

ʺI’m sorry, I can’t accept anything else from you. Agreeing not to press charges and then giving my brother an opportunity to do some good…it’s more than enough, more than I could thank you for.”

Before she could reach the phone, his hand wrapped around her upper arm. His touch sent waves of longing through her body. Not wanting to feel anything stronger, she brushed his hand away, thankful he released her without hesitation. His eyes darkened with anger and something she couldn’t place and wasn’t sure if she wanted to.