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100% of proceeds from this title will benefit Alabama tornado victims. Click image for more information.

As part of our ongoing awareness promotion, Elaina Lee and I have teamed up to share a behind the scenes peek at our charity novellas.  After you read Elaina’s very interesting post below (you can’t make this stuff up, really!), head over to her blog and learn what brought HAWTHORNE to life.

Elaina Lee on the inspiration behind TO URN HER LOVE:

Well, this may be a little morbid.  My grandmother died April 25th, 2011.  My mother and I picked up her cremains the day the tornado’s struck, on April 27th.  They hadn’t actually happened yet.  We were in fact getting everything done before 2:30 PM, when the storms were projected to be at their worst.

I was carrying my grandmothers urn, a beautiful brass urn, plated in silver with a band of pink flowers around the center to the car.  They’d placed it in a lovely red velvet bag.  When we arrived at my mom’s car, we both paused, wondering where to put her.  If we set her in the back, with the velvet bag and the silver peeking out the top, we feared someone would steal her.  So, we placed her in the trunk.  As I set her in the basket my mother keeps in her trunk, I commented on what a fun story that would be, if someone actually stole an urn they thought was a vase.

I’d always intended to write a short story for Astraea Press, to benefit Japan.  So, I let the idea stew, wondering if this could be the story for that cause.  But then hours later, literally, I stood staring at my television in shock, with tears streaming down my face, as I watched the largest, most perfect tornado I’d ever seen rip apart the city my son was born in.  I was devastated.  I asked Stephanie a few days later if my book could go to aid the tornado victims.  She said yes, that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

So, with the encouragement of fellow author, Sarah Ballance, who was far ahead of me in word count at this point (which was just shameful since I’d begged her to join me in this charity venture), I wrote To Urn Her Love in a week.  This gave me just enough time to edit it, get it critiqued by Sarah and my bestest critique partner friend Cate Chase and onto to Stephanie’s desk.  She removed my name from it and sent it anonymously through submissions.  Thankfully it made the cut and I’m happy to share this unique story for a good cause with you all!

Click here for the blurb and purchase information for TO URN HER LOVE.

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