Sending our thanks and appreciation to members of our military, their families, and everyone else who has sacrificed for the good ol’ USofA.

I know there are a dozen asterisks after that title, so let’s not get picky, m’kay?  For example, some of you aren’t in America. Others–decidedly fewer, but I know you’re out there–find yourself in the same celebratory situation as my husband and myself do on this particular holiday.  July 4th may mean Independence for the vast majority of you, but for us, it’s the opposite:  it’s the day we traded our freedom for the, uh, constraints (if you’re lucky, *nudge, nudge*) of marriage.  Yep … Happy Anniversary to us!

Years and years and YEARS ago, I gave the H-to-be his pick of the calendar.  I was thinking ahead, figuring if he chose our wedding date I’d close a loophole should he forget the date.  There’d be none of that “That date is too hard for me to remember!” nonsense.  He picks it, he’d better remember it.  And I’ll give him some credit–he didn’t think long before he came up with July 4th … along with a surprisingly thoughtful list of reasons behind it.

First, he said, he’d remember the date.  (Our oldest child came along a year later, minus three days, so now he’s got a cheat to remember how long we’ve been married.  He just adds a year to her age.  It’s too easy for him, really.)  But there’s more to knowing when your anniversary is than just remembering the date–you need to be aware of the calendar.  He  might know we’re July 4 all day long, but does he know when July 4 is?  Of course he does!  You can’t miss the buildup in the media.  (A special shoutout to furniture stores and car dealers, neither of whom will allow you to believe you’re a patriotic American without going into “no interest for a full year” debt for the holiday.)

My future-husband’s second reason was borderline brilliant:  he said by getting hitched on July 4th, he’d always have the day off work.  And in his line of work, this has remained true.  Even after all of our years together, I have to admit I’m thrilled to be able to spend the day with him.  Of course, there are asterisks around that as well, now that we’ve added six kids to the mix, but there’s something ultra romantic with staring at once another over the chaos and being able to know what the other is thinking without saying a word.  (In the case of our children, it’s something like, What have we done?)

His final reason had something to do with fireworks, and if you can believe it, it didn’t sound the least bit cliche at the time, LOL.  Yes, there are fireworks between us–99% of them good–and that’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the years.  If anything, they’re bigger (after six kids, I know I sure am) and better, each year more spectacular than the last.  Now, that reeks of cliche, but every word is true.  After 14 years together, things are better than ever.  I couldn’t ask for anything more, but I’ll take every year with him I can get.  He’s amazing.

So while the rest of you are celebrating your independence, don’t mind us if we tend to do the opposite.  Since my long suffering spouse isn’t here to argue, I think it’s safe to say we wouldn’t have it any other way.