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I usually spotlight a book I’ve read and loved on Mondays, but in light of a self-imposed deadline careening in my direction at dizzying speeds I wasn’t able to read anything this week.  Adding insult to injury, one of my kids threw up on my bed during the night so that squashed walking today.  (I can’t make my little guy walk three miles after being sick … although why he had to do it on my bed is beyond me.  I woke up and stepped in it.)

I’ve had better days.

But having kids and raising a manuscript have a lot in common.  There are always unexpected purges (ahem) along the way.  Some days are far better than others, and at the end of any given one there’s just something to be said for getting everyone in bed in one piece.  Last night was no such night for my characters–they’re nursing some wounds at the moment–so it shouldn’t surprise me one of my kids happened to get sick the same evening, the poor guy.

Of course, there’s also something to be said for getting everyone out of bed in one piece.  Considering I’ve been awake for a whopping ninety minutes and have already found two separate piles of throw-up in my room–one on the end of the bed and the second on the floor nearby–AND had to run a sparrow out of the house, I’d have to say this one is off to an interesting start.

Forget getting them out of bed in one piece.  I say we just all crawl back under the covers … but first I’ve got to wash my sheets.