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If you’ve ever thought a short story didn’t proffer the wordage to draw you to the emotional brink, think again.  J.A. Saare’s A KISS BEFORE DYING will take you there, and with all of the exhilaration of both craving and fearing the fall.

And fall you will.

Within the pages of A KISS BEFORE DYING there’s an amount of intimacy that will leave readers with the most delicious feeling of experiencing every moment firsthand.  It’s as if you’re gazing from the shadows, watching with a hitch in your breath and a hammering in your chest, the story an intimate sweep of the senses.  J.A. Saare’s words are so beautifully placed in sequence they dissolve, worlds collide, and for a few profound moments you’re there—feeling a tad bit voyeuristic, even, but all the better within the steamy folds of this exquisite tale.

If you’re not a vampire person, don’t let that deter you from this one.  This story is first and foremost one of love, and any reader who can appreciate a true weakens-the-knees, soaks-the-thighs kind of romantic interlude will adore it.  A snapshot in time, this tale doesn’t attempt to give the characters’ life story.  Rather, it offers exactly what readers need to understand the stakes, to feel each surge of adrenaline and every height of passion right along with Katja.  The tenderness of Sebastian’s touch borders on unbearable, every caress a stroke-you-until-you-quiver encounter of trembling flesh and … yes, sacrifice.  Because in the end, the only way for Katja to have it all is to give up everything to get it.

A KISS BEFORE DYING is a-MAZE-ing.  Don’t be surprised if you hit the last page sweaty and a bit disheveled … in fact, you can look forward it.  For less than two bucks, you just couldn’t ask for a better ride.


Vampire Lord Sebastian Arsov is everything Katja Morgan has ever wanted, and as their time together nears an end, she carefully constructs the ruse that will allow her to belong to her shellar in both body and soul. But sharing an evening with her beloved comes at a high price–the cost of her life. Disguised as a bed slave, Katja enters Sebastian’s chambers to experience the pleasures she’s been long denied, including the bite that will ultimately kill her… What is referred to as a kiss before dying. Will Sebastian discover Katja’s true identity before it’s too late?