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Coming July 2011 exclusively to Astraea Press!

Wow, never saw this one coming!  My friend Elaina sweet-talked me into writing a story for charity, and two months ahead of the deadline I was quite agreeable.  Two weeks before the deadline?  PANIC.  But I’d already committed, so I had to follow through.  I freaked OUT.  And from that hotbed of angst grew HAWTHORNE (more on the story in a moment) but something else followed:  a sense of WOW.  Because not only did I write the first short story of my adult life, but did so to some really amazing feedback.  To say the story has garnered a strong reaction from readers is a bit of an understatement, so you’ll have to check it out … especially considering the greater cause at hand:  those in need.

For the first six months after its release, Astraea Press will forward all proceeds from the sale of HAWTHORNE to Japan disaster recovery relief efforts.  For this reason–and to ensure the largest possible donation–the title will be exclusively available through Astraea Press until the end of that six month period.  I hope you’ll join myself and a handful of other Astraea Press authors in supporting these recovery efforts, both in the U.S. and elsewhere.  (To see current titles with proceeds going to charity, please click here.)

As for the scoop on HAWTHORNE, I’ll leave you with the blurb.

After a terrifying encounter with the unexplained, it took ten years and the news of her grandmother’s passing for Emma Grace Hawthorne to return to her childhood home.   She sought peace in saying a proper goodbye, but what she found was an old love, a sordid family history, and a wrong only she could right.

Living in the shadow of Hawthorne Manor, Noah Garrett never forgot about Emma Grace.  In a house full of secrets, his search for missing documents revealed a truth that could cost him everything.  What he found gave Emma the freedom to walk away from the mansion, her heart free and clear, but at what price to Noah?

Want two scoops?  I’m going to follow this story with a full length novel.  Once you read HAWTHORNE, I think you’ll understand why.  ;c)