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J. Rose Allister has a heckuva backlist, but my first introduction to this author was the sexy, seductive CRYSTAL’S COWBOYS.  After reading and enjoying this one, all I’ve gotta say is getting  lucky has never been so easy.  Just grab a copy of this provocative, sensual story for a sure-fire score!

CRYSTAL’S COWBOYS is billed as an erotic story, so the amount of sex didn’t come as a surprise.  What did, however, was the solid plot.  Not only does the story stand alone, but the physical encounters actually moved the plot along.  The mystery surrounding Crystal’s appearance in the desert is neither ignored nor glossed over but is well-considered as the story progresses.  Heroes Trey and Rafael contend with a handful of realistic issues concerning their stowaway, who takes up a secretive,  forbidden residence in an old bunkhouse on the ranch where the cowboys work.  It’s an unusual predicament to be sure, but it’s handled with concerns and emotions that ring true.

It was also nice to see the relationship between the two men develop with the uncertainty one might expect from such a scenario.  Co-workers and best friends, Rafael and Trey experience a growing awareness of one another which leads to a few awkward moments, each one adding an element of realism to the story.  To that end, their first physical encounter is more of a team effort to pleasure Crystal than an all-out one-on-one.  After being friends for years, there’s no sudden transition to a physical relationship—an important point which lends me a great deal of respect for this novel.

As believable as the characters are, I have to give major props to Ms. Allister for the writing itself.  CRYSTAL’S COWBOYS is full of colorful descriptions and I-wish-I-thought-of-that dialogue—both internal and spoken—making this sexy tale an absolutely terrific way to experience the action.  With a writing style that truly impresses me, I fully expect I’ll indulge in more of Ms. Allister’s work.   If you’d like to set your night ablaze—and in particular if you can appreciate a well-built cowboy or two—I would definitely recommend making yourself a fourth in this tasty ménage!

*contains explicit m/f, m/m and m/f/m sexual encounters