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If you thought Friday the 13th was unlucky, you better think again!  Not only do I have the obscene pleasure (yes, I said obscene) of welcoming the totally awesome I’m-glowing-because-she’s-near-me Rosalie Stanton to the house, BUT we are tossing out a print copy of LOST WAGES OF SIN to one lucky one of you.  (See?  It’s a GOOD day!)  International peeps can play and win, so hang out to the finale for, er, entry.  <<Contest closed.  Congratulations to Katrina W. – your copy of LOST WAGES OF SIN will be in the mail shortly!>>

Ah, Rosalie.  I’ll all wiggly just having you here.  I was also totally wiggly while reading your new release.  (Did you know if you write the word “wiggly” oh, twice, it starts to look funny?)  Now, where was I?  LOST WAGES OF SIN is the first in your new SINNERS AND SAINTS series.  The book kicks serious booty.  Give us a scoop – tell us something about the book or the series we won’t learn by stalking your sites.

It’s based on a true story.

Only, you know, not really. (I’m hilarious, btw. Snerk) I’m not sure what I should or shouldn’t divulge that isn’t on the sites—not sure what people would constitute as spoilers. Well, I suppose I can say all the locations mentioned in Lost Wages of Sin are based off real places in Natchez, MS. The location names were changed out of respect for the properties, but I’ve been to each place referenced—multiple times in most cases. It made for visualizing certain scenes a ton of fun.

You brought such vivid clarity to those places that I was swatting skeeters, girl.  I can feel your love for your setting through the pages, and it makes for an awesome (albeit frightening at times) sense of being IN the story.  That’s just one reason I adore your work, and for sure I’m not the only slightly off-kilter, is-that-drool-on-my-chin fan you have … and some will soon have the chance to meet you.  Lori Foster’s get together next month is your debut appearance on the convention circuit (and I’m gonna miss it, dang it!).  Which aspect are you most excited about?  

What am I most excited about? Meeting two of the three awesomest crit-partners face-to-face. JA Saare and Madelyn Ford will be in attendance, and I seriously can’t wait to see them. Of course, I am also looking forward to interacting with readers, meeting some of my favorite authors, losing my convention-ginity, and hopefully coming back eight kinds of jazzed about writing.

Oh, gosh.  The idea of breathing in the aura that is “convention” would be a dream come true.  And the inspiration?  Priceless … although I dare say you’re doing just fine without it! You have a unique writing style – quick witted and downright hilarious at times, not to mention smokin’ hot.  Is there someone you were hoping to channel with your words or is it just the natural aura that is you?

Well, thank you. <g> Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t sit down and consciously think “I want this scene to sound like something Mr. Famous Author would write.” In fact, I’d much rather it just sound like something I’d write.  There are times I feel I am inspired by certain writers (like Aaron Sorkin in dialogue and JK Rowling in world-building) but I don’t want to rip them off (and live in fear of doing just that).

LOL!  I think you’ve managed to nail “you” and then some.  Which genre are you drawn to as a reader?  Do you prefer to read in the same genre as your WIP or do you mix it up?

I am more prone to read in a genre I’m not writing; most of the books I select to read for pleasure aren’t paranormals. Granted, there are times when I’ll find the blurb of a new paranormal romance too tempting to resist, but overall, unless I’m criting for a friend or editing an assignment, I try to stick to contemporary pieces. It’s easy to become influenced by something you’re reading, and to avoid inadvertently hijacking someone else’s idea, I find it easiest to read something entirely different.

Likewise, once you spend so much time with vamps and shifters, coming home to the world of non-supernatural heroes and heroines is a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun, looking back over all of the intimate moments you’ve created between characters, which scene would you most like to experience for yourself?  What makes it so alluring?

There are a few things I’ve written that I’m not coordinated or graceful enough to do in actuality…mostly involving shower-sex. You ever meet people so clumsy they could trip while sitting down? That’s me. I think I’d need some of those poolside shoes or whatever in order to do anything kinky in the shower…and that just seems like so much work. LOL. Especially considering the hubs and I live in an apartment. Space isn’t something freely given here.

LMAO!  I have this image of sex in the shower while adorned with pool shoes.  Oh, dear – that’ll be burned on the ol’ retinas for a while.  Have you ever battled with any of your characters over their personality traits?  If so, who won – you or the character?

The character always wins. Always. Even if I fool the character into thinking I’ve won, he or she will either throw a wrench in the plan later on or demand that I rewrite the scene the way they want it done. I prefer it like this, because even if it makes life momentarily more stressful (especially when they want to argue rather than make-out or crack jokes rather than listen to what’s going on in the scene), it always feels more natural if I just let them do their thing.

I’ve met your characters, and lemme tell you, THAT I believe!  Have you ever made big changes in your story because someone – your crit partner, a friend, or beta reader – really didn’t like it?  Are you glad you did (or didn’t)?


I will make changes (as you know) should there be a minute disagreement about a scene or a character, but I’ve never decided to crop or rewrite a scene and take the book in a different direction because someone didn’t like it. I value my crit partners’ advice and input, and will explain why something happened the way it did, but regardless, my stories are always plotted to a point – if in my head and nothing else – where I know what has to happen to get from A to B, and so on. If something changes along the way, it’s because the characters decided to get chatty and challenge my wisdom (like the brats they are).

My bottom-line is you don’t have to like what I write in order to be my friend or crit partner. My crit partners likewise know I don’t demand they adore every plotbunny, and I prefer it that way—I prefer people to be honest with me. Changing for one person is disingenuous, because no matter how hard you try, pleasing everyone simply isn’t feasible, and in the end you have to be true to the story you want to tell. I love hearing that my crit partners enjoy my work, and I understand when they don’t, but if I start changing the story to make others happy, I lose control of it. I will trust and consider every opinion, and if should someone present an alternative something that didn’t occur to me, I will definitely take it into consideration. Ultimately, however, I know what needs to happen in order to get to the end.

Wise words indeed.  Which of your novels most reflects who you are as a writer?  Why?

Without a doubt, Lost Wages of Sin. I was the most comfortable writing this book—like I had arrived and wasn’t out to please anyone but myself. It has my preferred blend of action, drama romance, smut, and comedy.

And the smut, I might add, is DELISH.  What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently working on two projects – Sinfully Scandalous (Sinners and Saints Book Two) and an unrelated paranormal erotic romance entitled (tentatively) Know Thine Enemy. Sinfully Scandalous followed Ava’s sister, Luxi, and takes place directly after Book One. Know Thine Enemy is a bit darker, admittedly, and concerns a conflicted demon hunter named Izzie, a vampire named Ryker, and mad scientists. Well, okay, not so much mad scientists……actually, yes. Mad scientists. I never thought I’d write that without saying “just kidding” afterward, but I shouldn’t lie.

(Okay, seriously, I never made the mad scientist connection before.  Now I’m sitting here LMAO!)  I’m looking forward to seeing both of those titles hit the shelves.  That Ryker is somethin’ else!  Now let’s take a look at the blurb for LOST WAGES OF SIN because, well, if readers don’t find Dante tasty then they simply don’t have tastebuds.

Sin’s work is never done.

Ava should know. For nearly two thousand years, she’s worked for Lucifer himself, infecting the heart of man with greed wherever she goes. She wasn’t prepared to fall in love, certainly not with an angel. And she definitely wasn’t ready to experience her first broken heart after he breaks things off in the form of a Dear Jane letter.

Now Ava has a problem. Lucifer believes she might have shared some of Hell’s secrets with her former lover, and her siblings face the possibility of being out of a job due to her indiscretion. Ava flees to the American South, hoping to slip off the radar, and is met by a longtime friend, a vampire named Dante. Granted, Ava doesn’t know he has been in love with her for centuries, and doesn’t understand why he won’t leave her alone no matter what comes after her.

With Hell on her trail, Ava’s running short on friends. Meanwhile, she can’t ignore the suggestive looks Dante keeps sending her way. Something tells her it doesn’t take Hell to get things hot…

Read An Excerpt Here | BUY LINK

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