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Today I’m pleased to welcome author Veronica Lynch as part of the All Things Romantic Suspense Blog Tour.  Her new book THE LIST has a really great premise you’re going to want to hear about (trust me, it’s gooood).  And if that doesn’t get you all riled up, how about this:  one commenter will win not one … not two … but THREE titles from our lovely guest.  With news like that who needs coffee to get that buzz going?  (Yeah, okay, you need coffee.  But you also  need excellent books to go with your java beans, and for that, you need to comment.)

Welcome!  It’s great to have you here.  THE LIST looks like an awesome book!  Tell our readers a little bit about the story and what inspired it.

Revenge as the crux of a story has long interested me; if done well it sucks the reader in immediately and keeps them turning the pages. I battled long and hard trying to come up with a logical and realistic event or series of events which would call for revenge. Finally, after one two many articles about school bullies and the long term effects of such behaviors, I found my reason for revenge. Morbid obesity, among other entities which would make a kid different, naturally followed the ‘what if’ question. Voila, The List was born.

I love your thought process.  You make it sound so natural and easy.  Are there any tidbits you can share that readers might not find between the pages?

Since its release this story has not garnered sterling reviews; in fact, most reviewers have not liked the theme at all. That was until April 20th when Long and Short Reviews gave it 4.5 books, nominated it for book of the week, then said, in part, “. . . skillful weaving of back story with with present events is masterfully done and creates several laugh out loud moments . . . fluent writing style, in your face characters, story plot and goals were captivating. . .” Wow! I was thrilled, humbled and over the moon.

I read your review and I’ve gotta say, I’d be STOKED.  Congratulations – that one is a total keeper!  Which genre are you drawn to as a reader? 

I am drawn to mystery-suspense and political thrillers—if they are well done and keep me turning the pages. I tend to stay away from any story lines which feature medicine or medical thrillers, unless the author is a medical professional such as Eileen Dreyer or Tess Gerritsen. The same goes for my TV viewing and movie choices. I hate medical dramas. Hate, loathe, and despise them. On the other hand, I love The Closer and Covert Affairs, two cable TV dramas which run during the summer months.

Is there anything better than a page-turning suspense?  I think not!  *High five!*  LOL.  Looking back over all of the intimate moments you’ve created between characters, which scene would you most like to experience for yourself? 

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I’d like to spend prolonged periods of alone time with Keenan Rossi, the hero of “Those Who Wait”. The love scene is alluring because it involves make-up sex which is interrupted by a phone call from the heroine’s boss. Kee keeps right on doing what he does best: whisper sweet nothings in her ear while he makes love to her, all the while her boss is berating her for not staying late at work to help him meet a deadline—a problem he created by himself. Kee appeals to me because he makes me laugh.

Okay, that ear thing just made me tingly.  That sounds like a fantastic scene!  While I’m mulling that one over, here’s another question for you.  Have you ever battled with any of your characters over their personality traits? 

I like characters with warts. If they start to rebel [the characters not the warts], I remind them exactly who’s in charge and that it’s my way or the highway. Not many hang around to argue once I’ve laid down the law.

I am now making up images of rebelling warts, LMAO!  I have to say, it’s fab to see another author who likes flaws in their characters.  As a reader, I sure appreciate them!  Have you ever made big changes in your story because someone – your crit partner, a friend, or beta reader – really didn’t like it? 

Big changes, no, but I once dallied with the idea of making  a much loved secondary character, a cranky older physician and local women’s softball coach the leader of a band of killers. My critique partner said if I did that she’d never speak to me again. I thought it over and decided to make someone else the head bad guy—and it worked out very well. I’m very glad my partner had the courage to speak up and I’m glad I  made that change.

Wow, that threat was loaded!  Oh, to have witnessed that particular exchange, LOL!  As a suspense writer, how do you keep track of the clues and plot twists?  

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I use a hand-written chart outlining what happens in each chapter so that there are no loose ends, no dangling clues or twists at the end.

That’s so beautifully simplistic, I might have to give it a try. Which of your novels most reflects who you are as a writer? 

Actually, I write under two names, and since Veronica Lynch is less than a year old, I’ll have to refer to a book I wrote under the name Kat Henry Doran: “Captain Marvelous” which is available through the Wild Rose Press. I wanted to highlight covert bigotry against marginalized populations and the lack of appropriate response from law enforcement and the community in general. To do this, I drew on real life incidents which occurred during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s where seventeen women were murdered and left like pieces of garbage in isolated locations around the city and county in Rochester, New York. I don’t need to get into the details of the actual crimes, but I will say the Not In My Backyard theory of ignoring what is right in front of your eyes is a form of bigotry and malevolence, not to mention highly frustrating for advocates who work with victims of violence. I was able to work out my aggressions against local law enforcement in that story.

Wow!  That sounds like an intense, highly charged story.  What are you currently working on? 

I am finishing up my third contribution to the Class of ’85 reunion series for the Wild Rose Press. After that I hope to write a series for Decadent Publishing, expanding on the characters and setting found in “Those Who Wait”.

There you have it, folks.  Much to look forward to!  And one of you will have a bit more fun waiting than the rest because a trio of free books – THOSE WHO WAIT, THE LIST, and EMBRACEABLE YOU (Class of ’85, Kat Henry Doran) – will go to one randomly chosen – and fabulously lucky – commenter.  Say hi, show us some love, and walk away three times a winner.  Can’t beat that, ya’ll!

Thanks so much for joining us, Veronica.  You’re going to keep us hopping with your upcoming works, but I don’t mind burning a calorie or two in my excitement.  ;c)  Readers, you can find Veronica at the following links … hey, after you comment!  (Ya’ll know I’m watching you, right?)