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Wow, what a month it’s been!  The Noble Romance Authors Blog Tour concludes today, and I’m thrilled to welcome author Mindy MacKay to close out the show.  Not only is she a genuinely fabulous person, but her writing is amazing.  And you wanna know how nice I am?  Not only do you have the pleasure of getting to know Mindy today, but you have one final chance to comment for a chance to win that $100 grand prize from EDEN FANTASYS, plus all kinds of author goo.  Shall we?

Mindy, welcome!  What was the craziest story idea you’ve ever considered?  Did you end up writing a version of the story?

The craziest idea? Probably “troubled communist dictator falls in love with a one-legged foreign runaway and former Olympic figure skater but has to overcome enemies from within his own mind in order to be with her”. I did, in fact, write the story, tentatively titled Godspeed, and I’m currently waiting to hear back on a full MS submission.

WOW.  That’s awesome!  Your mind is deep, girl.  Looking back to the beginning of your writing career, what was the plot of the first story you wrote?  Whatever happened to the manuscript?

My first plot was a romance between an assassin and her intended target. I wrote it in the sixth grade. The manuscript never even made it to MS Word. It’s still sitting in a drawer in my house, but I can’t even bring myself to look at it.

Oh, man.  Can I peek?  I bet that would be fascinating (easy for me to say, LOL).  How do you feel about your first published book?  Do you feel you’ve improved since it hit the shelves?

I still really enjoy the plot and premise of Peacebreakers. Looking back, there’s a lot of character development I could have done better, but overall, it’s an object of fond nostalgia for me. My main couple for that book is still my “prototype”–my Adam and Eve of sorts–for my couples in other works. I usually use Jack and Kiera to “test run” certain interpersonal interactions before attempting the final act in a new work. I’m sure they’re happy with me for it.

That’s amazing!  (Am I redundant?  You’re blowing me away!)  Thinking back over all the sexy scenes you’ve created between characters, which one would you most like to experience for yourself?  Why?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the Rosella Cartwright/Daniel Ryan/office/desk/duct tape incident, though it’s definitely the most daring and has the most novelty. Nah, I’d have to say my favorite is the Kiera Graves/Jackson Solomon/”No, actually, I’m not manipulating you for politics, I really do love you, let’s do it” encounter. It doesn’t sound sexy when I say it like that, and in fact I didn’t really intend it to be sexy. It’s more of an emotional moment than anything else–trust and comfort and relief and all that nice stuff, and who doesn’t want to experience that?

Wait, did you say “duct tape incident”?  Yeah, nice stuff counts, but any time I hear duct tape and sex, I’m all in.  *clears throat*  Which of your releases most reflects who you are as a writer?  What gives it that distinction?

Close call between Fallen from Disgrace and Cirque Misérable. They’re both essentially  breakdown stories, and that’s sort of the direction my literary style is moving toward. Plus they’re where a reader might find the juiciest of my social commentary.

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LOL.  I bet that’s good, too!  Which of your characters reigns as your favorite?  Why, and where do readers find this character?

It changes more frequently than my fashion preferences, but currently, my favorite character out of my body of work is Veronika Artyom, villainess from the Puppetmasters series. Yes, she is completely vile, but there’s a reason I wrote her the way I did. Her actions account for quite a bit of wish fulfillment on my part. She takes the easy way out and benefits, and though she’s eventually put into her place, she had a good run while it lasted. That, and the irony of the Sartrean disregard for authority with which she goes through her childhood and adolescence coupled with her adult career in law enforcement was fun to write.

See, you’re so much deeper than I am.  My faves are always my WIP peeps, LOL.  I dig your style, girl!  If you could change one thing about your writing career and accomplishments, what would it be?

I’d have published more poetry. It’s a dying art, but it’s a ton of fun. I just started going to poetry club meetings and the people there suggested I send in some poetry to the Express News. I’m like, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Let’s take a look at Fallen from Disgrace.  How did the idea come about?  How long did it take you to write the story after the plot first came to you?

I was in Vegas on a family trip. I was reading East of Eden as required reading for school. That got me interested in the story of Cain and Abel, so I went over it and re-analyzed it under a new light in the hotel Bible. There was this giant window in the hotel room. And I was watching a ton of mystery shows involving intense strategy wars. All of these things factor into the book somehow.

Very cool!  Did you face any specific roadblocks as you wrote it, or did the words come easily?

Some of the strategy wars gave me a hard time. Rosella is way smarter than me, and writing a character smarter than oneself takes a great deal of planning and outlining. And of course, it’s not enough to say, “She’s a criminal genius”. I had to craft her schemes, and a few of those were insane to work through, but in the end, I was pleased with what I’d come up with.

LOL @ “she’s a criminal genius.”  That’s an excellent point–humorously made–about what we go through to create our characters.  What made you decide to submit this story to Noble?

1. It was too dark for other publishers.

2. Noble is AWESOME! Can I get a WHOOT WHOOT!

WHOOT WHOOT!  Noble IS awesome.  ;c)  What is your favorite part about Fallen from Disgrace?

Definitely Rosella’s Discredit-The-Enemy-By-The-Power-Of-Crack-Cocaine incident. Before then, we get glimpses of her plotting ability, but this is where the reader really realizes she’s a force to be reckoned with.

What do readers most often comment about in Fallen from Disgrace?

From people I don’t know, I get a lot of, “Rosella’s a really twisted character, yet she’s fascinating”. From people I do know, I get a lot of, “Hey, these names sound awfully familiar…” I have a habit of inserting people I know into supporting roles. In Fallen specifically, Daniel, Meji, and Kyle are constructed from tidbits of different people.

Oh, my goodness!  LOL.  On that note, let’s check out the blurb for FALLEN FROM DISGRACE:

Rosella Cartwright wakes up in the hospital after a yearlong coma with no recollection of who she used to be. Her only clue is that everyone around her despises and avoids her. Then, she discovers the truth: before she was hospitalized, she was the most wanted maniac of New York’s criminal underbelly.

Disgusted by reports of her own heinous crimes, she attempts to reform herself, but her efforts are in vain as society continues to cast her out in hatred and fear. All the world seems against her until she is offered a job by Daniel Ryan, a rising executive and self-made success who hides a lifetime of inner turmoil behind a façade of cool indifference. Drawn to his mystery as he is by her irrepressible darkness, Rosella starts falling for Daniel, but love can’t save her from her past. A former victim of hers wants revenge, and will stop at nothing to get it. Her partners in crime want her back by their side, though she wants nothing more to do with them. And a sinister plot of her own design, buried beneath her amnesia, is, unbeknownst to her, still very much in progress. These are the monsters she will have to fight off alone, and if she doesn’t watch her step, she might not make it out alive.


Thanks so much for joining us today, everyone.  I hope we’ve all had a nice mingle, met a few new folks, and added something to our ever-growing TBR (to be read) lists – I know I have!   Don’t forget to comment with your email address to be eligible for prizes, and check out a few of Mindy’s links, wouldya?  (I’m watching you.  Staring, even.  AHEM.)

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