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Week four of the Noble Romance Authors Blog Tour kicks off with the multi-published, uber-talented H.C. Brown.  She’s got legions of fans, and if you’ve ever indulged in one of her books, you know exactly why.  Kick back and get to know her a little, and don’t forget to comment at the end for your chance to win a ton of prizes.  That $100 gift certificate for EDEN FANTASYS is up for grabs, so leave your email address for a chance to win!

H.C., it’s an honor to have you here!  What was the craziest story idea you’ve ever considered?  Did you end up writing a version of the story?

People kidnapped, mind altered and sent to a future time to save the world from a global disaster.  I called it Mind Crimes it ended up as  No Choice But Love- Ellora’s Cave.

Wow. You think big!  Looking back to the beginning of your writing career, what was the plot of the first story you wrote?  Whatever happened to the manuscript?

I wrote a story about a girl kidnapped and the man who found her.  A long romance 120,000 words its gathering dust.

Wow, that is long!  I’m impressed.  ;c)  How do you feel about your first published book?  Do you feel you’ve improved since it hit the shelves?

Oh yes. I cringe when I read my first print book, a mystery  Love’s Savage Desire.

It’s amazing how much we improve with time, isn’t it?  Thinking back over all the sexy scenes you’ve created between characters, which one would you most like to experience for yourself?  Why?

PG 13 here so I won’t answer this one J

Aw, man.  Not even a hint?  You win the prize for biggest tease, for sure!  LOL.  Which of your releases most reflects who you are as a writer?  What gives it that distinction?

All of them. I am a complex yet compassionate person. I appreciate people and I accept the fact love is love no matter what sex you are or who you are. I hope my books reflect my wish for a future where people are accepted for themselves without prejudice

I bet a lot of us are hoping for a future like that one.  It’s awesome that you’re putting that out there through your words.  Which of your characters reigns as your favorite?  Why, and where do readers find this character?

Nox King of the Faerie in the Pride Brothers Series. He is a seven foot tall faerie, dangerous and yet compassionate. I love to write about Nox, he is my hero.

Oooh, he sounds like someone to check out!  (Readers, follow H.C.’s Noble Romance link for more on the series.)  If you could change one thing about your writing career and accomplishments, what would it be?

I wish I had taken the plunge and submitted my books earlier in my life. I feel I have wasted valuable time and the years are flashing past too quickly for me to complete what I need to write.

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Oh, can I ever relate to that.  Let’s take a look at Shifters & Demons.  How did the idea come about?  How long did it take you to write the story after the plot first came to you?

Shifters & Demons has been in my head for about ten years. It is a long book so it took me about four months to write. I don’t know where my plots come from they just pop into my head unannounced and stick until I write them down.

Did you face any specific roadblocks as you wrote it, or did the words come easily?

I don’t suffer from writers block, the words flow easily. I write about 2000 words a day. I only have problems when writing historical. Having to stop to check a word or place for historical accuracy drives me crazy . . . but I do it.

I imagine the research for a historical could be quite tedious!  What made you decide to submit this story to Noble?

My fans of shifter books look for my books in this genre at Noble so I submitted there.

What is your favorite part about Shifters & Demons?

The fight between the Demons and Dallin toward the end of the story was exciting to write. Without giving too much away, it is touch and go for Dallin.

Sounds enticing!  What do readers most often comment about in Shifters & Demons?

They love the story, the connection between the characters. The magyck. They ask me when the next in the series is coming.

Wow, on that note, check out the blurb for Shifters & Demons:

When bad boy alpha, Prince Dallin and his lover, Stryker, go 2000 years into the past to rescue Lailii, a Spellweaver, they didn’t plan on being captivated by the petite, delicate female.

Strong willed and determined to survive, Lailii has no option but to go with the two stunningly handsome men. Within hours, she finds herself in a world of big cat shifters and sizzling, uninhibited sex. Betrayed by a king to whom she owes no loyalty, she struggles to survive and acclimate herself in a strange, new land. And when a demon follows Lailii into the future, Dallin and Stryker must work together to keep their new lover safe.


H.C., it’s been a pleasure having you here today!  Readers, don’t forget to grab your copy of RED ROSES & SHATTERED GLASS, the Noble Authors Blog Tour Anthology.  There, you’ll find stories by H.C. Brown and five other tour authors. 






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