Each of my novels -published and unpublished alike – has what I call a theme song.  It’s not the words I match, but the spirit of the song – that indescribable harmony created by the combination of words and music that speaks to my heart.  It’s a thing of beauty … or it is until the song starts nagging at me.  That’s when I get a little grumpy.

The thing with this particular song is it demanded romance.  At the moment, I put my foot down on romantic suspense.  See?  An impasse.  (<< with a song.  really?)

Well, lo and behold, this morning I was in the very process of complaining to someone about my utter lack of a way to turn this particular song into a story, and it hit me. Not only did it HIT ME, but it HIT ME as a romantic suspense.  And not only a romantic suspense, but … wait for it … the second book in my WIP series.  I have a lot to work out with it (give me a break, ya’ll – it just came to me about ten minutes ago!)  but I am SO EXCITED!  It’s the little things.  Really.

The song in question?  Blake Shelton’s I’LL JUST HOLD ON – nemesis no more.